Parenting Does Not Necessarily Make People More Godly or Mature: News headline: Tennessee couple rented daughters for pornographic videos: police

Parenting Does Not Necessarily Make People More Godly or Mature: News headline: Tennessee couple rented daughters for pornographic videos: police

Some Christians teach or believe that parents and married people are more responsible and godly than childless and/or unmarried Christians. Here’s another example that, no, they’re not.

Some Christians also teach that “family is the backbone of society / culture.” But here we have a family unit contributing to the decay of society. Conservative Christians need to get over the idea that culture can be saved via the family; Jesus Christ never promised society can be saved via the family.

Examples like this also prove you do not have to achieve perfection, total holiness, sanctification, or some other state or quality, before God will allow you to marry or send you a spouse.

The article does not mention what the religious beliefs are of this couple.

(Link): Tennessee couple rented daughters for pornographic videos: police

    Ronnie Lee McCall and Connie McCall face federal sex crime charges after investigators found the girls, ages 5 to 16, living in a ‘deplorable’ trailer in Johnson City. The creepy parents forced their children into sexual encounters with paying adults, authorities say.

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2013, 5:36 PM

    A Tennessee husband and wife rented out their four daughters as sex performers in porn videos, authorities said.

    Ronnie Lee McCall, 61, and Connie McCall, 40, face federal sex crime charges in a case a local prosecutor described as one of the “worst” cases he’d seen in 20 years, WATE reported.

    The couple, strung out on so-called bath salts, forced the girls, ages 5 to 16, to perform sexual acts with paying adults who filmed them, court documents allege.

    Investigators busted the McCalls after finding the girls living in disgusting conditions inside a Johnson City trailer.

    Investigators said the 6-year-old had rotten teeth, flea bites, ringworm and lice.

    “The amount of tooth decay, you can imagine, was extremely painful,” Johnson City police Investigator Debbie Dunn told WATE. “She had black teeth, and holes in all the teeth, just really inexcusable.”

    The girls’ home was squalid — “just filth and extremely deplorable,” Dunn said.
    An investigation revealed even more horrors.

    The parents took the girls around town, dealing them to creepy customers, according to court documents.

    The case went federal when authorities learned the couple had taken one girl across state lines into South Carolina for a black market porno.

    The girl was sexually abused and filmed by a man who later committed suicide, Washington County District Attorney Tony Clark told WCYB.

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