Mother Sells Teen Daughters’ Virginity to Old Men (article) – Being A Parent Does Not Make A Person More Godly Loving or Mature

Mother Sells Teen Daughters’ Virginity to Old Men (article) – Being A Parent Does Not Make A Person More Godly Loving or Mature

Sometimes annoying parents like to tell childless or childfree people, “You don’t know what real love is until you have a child.” What kind of love forces its own children into prostitution? And Christians need to stop with the trash that marriage and/or having children automatically confers maturity or godliness on to a person.

(Link): Colombian accused of selling virginity of 12 daughters

    By Mariano Castillo and Rafael Romo, CNN
    updated 4:04 PM EDT, Fri October 25, 2013

    (CNN) — A mother of 14 in Colombia tried to make ends meet, police say, by pushing her daughters into “hell” and selling their virginity for a couple hundred dollars.

    Margarita de Jesus Zapata Moreno, 45, was arrested this week together with a 51-year-old contractor who police believe impregnated one of the young daughters.

    She broke down in tears when she stood in front of the cameras after being arrested in Bogota, the Colombian capital. The Bogota Metropolitan Police say Zapata sold the virginity of 12 daughters to much older men seeking to have sex with young virgins.

    Authorities also say the suspect would begin selling her daughters to men as soon as the girls turned 12 years old. She charged anywhere between 300,000 and 400,000 Colombian Pesos ($160 to $212) for a virgin.
    But Zapata strongly denies the accusation. Colombian authorities often show high-profile suspects to the media shortly after arresting them. When Zapata was standing in front of the cameras Wednesday, one of the reporters shouted a question to her: “Did you prostitute your daughters?” She answered: “No, my darling.”

    Colombian police say they learned of this alleged case of abuse because one of the alleged victims stepped forward. Authorities say one of the suspect’s daughters forced into prostitution gave birth to a baby boy when she was 14. She had refused her mother’s orders to have an abortion.

    Colonel Carlos Melendez, a Bogota Metropolitan Police spokesman, told CNN affiliate Caracol TV the young girl described to investigators the “hell” in which she lived when she was still a prepubescent girl, about being forced to have sex with much older men in her home and about a life of abuse and neglect.

    … Police investigators say Zapata also forced her older daughters to drink alcohol and do drugs. Some ended up working as prostitutes and are missing, police said.

    Police say those two arrests are only the beginning. Investigators say they will also build cases against the men who were having sex with these minors.

Some deluded fool left this comment under that article, and I left him a reply:

    Brian Joop said:
    Sex is meant for marriage only – Conservatives know this in the Bible,
    because it said you must be a virgin before your marriage. Too bad
    liberals want to promote premarital sex and sex before marriage
    without consequences. Stupid liberals being promiscuous before marriage.

My reply:

    by christianpundit (post)
    @ Brian Joop.
    I’m not sure the article mentioned that woman’s political views, so I’m not sure how that is relevant. But since you brought it up. It’s not just the liberals who endorse and too easily pardon sexual sin.

    Conservative Christians say they support virginity and sexual purity, but many of them really only emphasize these things for anyone under the age of 25, or 20. Beyond that age, preachers and Christians who write books and magazine articles about, or who talk about, marriage, dating, and sex tend to assume anyone and everyone (even other unmarried Christians) have already had sex before marriage, or will do so. They then stress heavily to any adult fornicators, who may be reading or watching them, that sexual sin can be forgiven.

    It has also become trendy in liberal, emergent, and even some conservative Christian quarters, to attack sexual purity teachings and virginity, because, these Christians claim, to teach biblical sexual ethics supposedly hurts the feelings of men and women who had pre-marital sex. They’d rather censor sexual purity teachings than risk offending or hurting the feelings of people who dabble in sexual sin.

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