Kerry Shook ‘Shark Weakness’ – yet another marriage sermon | Marriage centric sermons

Kerry Shook ‘Shark Weakness’ – yet another marriage sermon

(EDIT MAY 11, 2014: This “shark week” marriage sermon series is being repeated tonight on TBN)

(EDIT Feb 1, 2015. The Shook shark marriage sermon was re-broadcast on TBN tonight. While everyone else is watching the Super Bowl)
I really was not going to blog today. I had no intention of making a blog post on this blog today. None.

But then.

I saw the first few minutes of Kerry Shook’s show. He’s a preacher based in Woodlands, Texas.

His sermon for the day (and it might be a series, so he might be doing this next week, I’m not sure) is called “Shark Weakness.”

As I have said before, Shook seems nice enough, but he is woefully negligent of pastoring the singles who may be watching him on television. (If the guy has a twitter account, I may tweet him with a link to this post, or one of my other posts about his marriage-centric habits.)

Shook said in the introduction of today’s show that it’s a sermon about marriage where he is going to offer married couples advice on how to avoid ‘drowning in the deep waters of relationships’ or something.

You can read more about it at his site:
(Link): Marriage isn’t for shallow waders. – Kerry Shook site

Edit Nov 2014. That link no longer appears to be current, try this one:

(Link): New Series : SHARK WEAKNESS – A Marriage Survival Guide (on Kerry Shook’s site)

For sale on that page:

Special Offer:

    Right now, Kerry and Chris [Kerry’s wife] want to say thank you for your support by sending you the entire 3-part message series, Shark Weakness on DVD for a gift of any amount!

  • Shark Weakness Bundle
    DVD & CD series, One Month to Love book & His/ Her coffee mugs
    Special Offer:
    When you share a gift of $120 or more to help keep this kind of teaching coming to you and others, we want to say thanks by sending you Shark Weakness on both CD and DVD.
    Plus, we will also include Pastor Kerry and Chris’ new devotional book, One Month to Love, and His and Her coffee mugs to help you remember to keep your romance alive.

Why would any couple need “his and her” mugs to help them to remember to “keep their romance alive?” Do owning “his and her” mugs prevent divorce? I mean, what the?

Marriage isn’t for shallow waders? Neither is single adult life.

Do you think living life solo as an adult is a walk in the petunia patch? It’s not.

In the introduction of his televised sermon today, Shook then offered the obligatory comment all adult singles dread but know to expect: “And hey, you singles out there, you can still benefit from this sermon” type remark.

He said to the singles, “if you think you might want to get married some day” (dude, I’m in my early 40s, what makes you think at this point it’s going to happen?), that (I am para phrasing), “this sermon can still help you, not only with marriage, but in any relationship.”

Okay, dude, devoting yet another sermon to marriage and rattling off the old stand-by that “even singles can benefit from this here lecture” does not change the fact you are ignoring singles to cater to the marrieds – and doing so for the billionth time!

When is Rev. Shook EVER going to do a sermon for singles past the age of 30, and them alone, and then look into the camera and say,

    “Hey, marrieds, this sermon may be for the UNmarried, but you can still benefit too. You know, with divorce rate being at 40% – 60% for marriages, and 70% for second marriages, there’s a good chance you marrieds may be single again real soon!”

Also, when preachers say (and I’ve seen other preachers say this, not just Shook),

    “And hey, singles, this sermon can still benefit you, in your relationships with co workers, roomies, sisters, bosses, your landscaper, your aunts, and your local grocer,”

-then what in the holy hey is the point in deeming it a “marriage” sermon?

Why not just say, “Hey EVERYONE, married, divorced, never married, or widowed, here are some general biblical life tips on how to get along with anyone in your life”????

If your sermon is so generic it can be applied to even singles, why dub it a “marriage” sermon to begin with?

I haven’t had much to say about this Shook guy lately, because for the past 3 to 4 Sundays in a row, his sermon topics had nada, nothing to do with marriage, so I was feeling hopeful. But BAM! we’re back to another marriage-centric sermon series.

When is this dude planning on devoting entire series, books, and DVDs pertaining to adult never-married-hood-ness? Not just a fluffy little sermon where the preacher man assumes the ONLY singles he is addressing are 21 year olds who will be married by the time they are 29 years old.

No, oh no, I want this dude (and other preachers) to meaningfully address the issues and struggles never marrieds over age 35 deal with.

And I don’t just mean sexual topics. When pastors ever do discuss singlehood, about the only topic they ever care to discuss is sex, to say “No, no, don’t do it – but remember, if you do, God will forgive you.” There are other struggles singles face that have nothing to do with sexual desire.

On a side note: I wish, wish, wish, that evangelical and the seeker friendlies (seeker friendly churches/ preachers) would stop it with the being cute and trendy stuff.

“Shark Week” is a very popular TV season yearly on the Discovery Channel, or some such cable channel, where they air programs about sharks.

I take it that Shook is trying to play off that secular TV theme of “Shark Week” to come up with this “Shark Weakness” stuff. It’s rather lame or reeks of trying too hard to be relevant or trendy.

Please, seeker friendlies and evangelicals, please just stop.

Preach about Jesus Christ.

Christians are never going to be hip and cool to culture. Christ said if you follow Him you WILL BE HATED and DESPISED and the NT says the CROSS IS DEEMED FOOLISHNESS by culture (ie, the unsaved). There is nothing you can do to make Jesus hip and cool by cultural standards.

People need Jesus, not just to save them from sins, but to help them get thru the tough spots in life.

Jesus is called THE ROCK OF AGES, in part because Jesus is TIMELESS (as well as a source of comfort and so on).

Cultural fads come and go. Jesus is for all eras, all cultures, all time periods.

Anyway, this Shook preacher needs to stop with the marriage sermons, at least cut down the frequency.

Currently, never married / divorced people make up to 44% of American culture (this is according to U.S. census data (Edit, Sept 2014: this figure is now over 50%; adult singles now comprise OVER HALF the American population, see (Link): this page). That’s a hell of a lot of people that need to be reached.

Only 20% of people are married with kids at home, but preachers keep tailoring all sermons and much out-reach and ministry to this small group. Preachers keep ignoring childless singles. This has got to stop.

One reason some people stop attending church is precisely because churches ignore them, in favor of targeting “married with children” couples.

People who are childless, child-free, never married, divorced, the infertile / married with NO children, or those who are widowed, feel left out in the hyper “family friendly” atmosphere that make up most seeker friendly, Baptist, conservative Protestant, and evangelical churches, where every other sermon is about “marriage” or “parenting.”

Have all the marriage sermons and “his and her” mugs and marriage workbooks pumped out by preachers dented the 40% – 60% percent American divorce rate? No, it has not, so why do they bother?

A google search for the phrase “Kerry Shook marriage” turns this up on page one alone – this is a lot of marriage material; I have not even looked at page 2:

#1132, Dealing With People Who Ruffle Your FeathersIndividual Message. #1131, UnveilIndividual Message. #1129, The King’s GambitIndividual Message …

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  • [omit about 3 “iTBN” results showing Shook sermons about marriage]
  • Does Your Marriage Have It? (1 of 2) – Kerry Shook … – Sermon Search…/does-your-marriage-have-it-1-of-2/‎
    Get sermon ideas from Kerry Shook by Does Your Marriage Have It? (1 of 2). Download free sermons, preaching outlines and illustrations.

Oh wow, LOL! As it turns out, one of my blog pages is at the top of page 2 for “Kerry Shook marriage” on Google. 😆

I’ve blogged it before and will no doubt blog it again, but the world does not need another marriage sermon, marriage series, marriage book, marriage seminar, marriage DVD, marriage CD, marriage podcast.

July 22, 2014 EDIT:
Sometime in the last few weeks (I think July 20, 2014), Shook aired a repeat of this marriage shark sermon AGAIN on his TV show that airs on TBN on Sunday nights.

Aug 8, 2014 EDIT:
On tonight’s broadcast of Shook’s show, he is once again repeating this “Shark Week Marriage” thing show. Please stop. Your marriage sermons do not help or benefit singles. And they certainly don’t help on second or third repeated viewings.

January 31, 2016 EDIT:

Tonight, 7:30 PM CST, the Trinity Broadcasting Network is repeating Shook’s Shark Week Marriage sermon.
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