Note to people who use stock photography in commercials – 40 something does not look like age 60+

Note to people who use stock photography in commercials – 40 something does not look like age 60+

And I thought this was just pertained to online dating – dudes with grey or white hair with lines and wrinkles contact me, when I specify I will not date more than several years out of my age range. These guys claim they are 35 or 45, but you can tell from their photos they’re in their 60s or older.

There’s a commercial that is shown every once so often, for insurance, I think. As the commercial narrator is going on and on about the company’s product or service, we are shown a series of photos of men.

For one photo, the announcer says, “John Doe, age 43, has a mortagage and cancer and a wife and kid, blah blah, buy our service now, like John, blah blah blah,” while this voice is going on, the photo we are shown on screen is a pudgy, lined-faced, white/grey haired dude who appears to be in his 60s. But the voice over says he’s age 43.


Who was the art director who approved these images? Did they let a 23 year old graphic design intern choose the stock photos that appeared? Many 20 somethings seem to assume that 40 = ancient, wrinkles and grey hair (it does not. People in their early and mid 40s do not look radically different from folks in their mid 30s).

Now, it is true that some people appear to age at different rates. When actress Lindsay Lohan reached age 25, 26, she looked in some photos as though she were 75 years old, so deep and lined and tired was her face… I presume because of her party and drug life style?

But it looks to me like the so called 43 year old in the TV commerical I spoke of is actually in his 60s, not 40s.

Unless you are some kind of party meth head 43 year old, you will look more like a mid 30s person and a hella lot less like an old-looking 68 year old.