Obnoxious and Sexist Preacher Mark Driscoll Wants Christian Singles to Stay Single Indefinitely – And Even Though Unwanted, Prolonged Singleness has Been a Huge Issue For Christian Singles for A Couple Decades Now – Driscoll: ‘Christians should not marry pro choicers’

Obnoxious and Sexist Preacher Mark Driscoll Wants Christian Singles to Stay Single Indefinitely – And Even Though Unwanted, Prolonged Singleness has Been a Huge Issue For Christian Singles for A Couple Decades Now – Driscoll: ‘Christians should not marry pro choicers’

Ah, yes, as if telling Christian single women who want marriage that they may only marry another believer, and teaching them wonky things about genders, dating, etc, has not already done enough damage to Christian single women, and causing a plethora of Christian women to stay single into their 40s, along comes sexist(*), obnoxious(*) Seattle area preacher Mark Driscoll to opine that Christian singles should not marry pro-choicers (the link to the article is farther below).

I am pro-life myself.

But it’s absolutely inappropriate for this caveman (ie, Driscoll) – who even monitors his wife’s e-mail account because he is a control freak – to create rules for Christian singles as though it’s on par with “Thus saith the Lord.”

Christian women do NOT need another level of criteria limiting the pool of potentional, eligible marriage partners they may date.

We already have a huge-ass problem (according to some surveys) with the fact that there are more unmarried Christian women than there are unmarried Christian men.

Christians keep adding layer upon layer of characteristics on to what they feel Christian single women should expect, or demand, in potential mates.

First, Christian dating books and preachers tell ladies to only marry another Christian, then they go on to say that single women should only date Christian men who are their “spiritual leaders,” and now we have Driscoll telling single women to steer clear of any male who may be ‘pro-choice.’

Christians keep adding so many “must haves” on to the “list o’ traits” they feel Christian single females should hold out for in a man to marry, Christian women shall never be able to marry.

Is that their real goal? Is Driscoll secretly plotting to keep single Christian females who want marriage single forever? Because that is exactly the outcome that bullsh-t like this has.

I have read before that sometimes MARRIED women get abortions. It’s not just un-married women who get abortions, but married women who don’t feel they have the time or money to raise another kid.

And why does this say “young followers” in the headline? What, Driscoll doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any single women over the age of 30 (there are a ton of us out here)?

(Link): Famed Pastor [Driscoll] Pens Controversial Warning to Young Followers: Nine Reasons To Not Marry Someone who is Pro Choice

    • Oct. 28, 2013 9:00pm
    • Billy Hallowell

In a recent blog post, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., detailed nine reasons why he believes pro-life Christians should refrain from marrying pro-choicers.

In particular, the preacher said that those who support abortion rights “do not value children the same way” as those who oppose them. Considering how flammable the abortion issue is, his strongly-worded list is sure to ruffle some feathers.

…Driscoll eventually changed his views on abortion. Now he’s speaking out in an effort to warn the single men and women who follow his ministry to avoid marrying pro-choice partners.

“I recently asked Grace if she would have continued dating me and married me had I not converted and become pro-life,” he wrote. “She said that she would not have married me if I had not become earnestly pro-life. She was right.”

Meshing a pro-lifer and a pro-choicer, he said, creates an “irreconcilable conflict.” While it’s possible to come to an agreement on most issues, when it comes to life or death, Driscoll said there is no middle option.

Here is the pastor’s complete list of reasons why he believes a pro-lifer should avoid walking down the aisle with a pro-choicer:

1. You submit to the authority of Scripture, and they do not.

[omit other reasons]
—- end excerpts —

As to point 1, where in the Bible does it say “Thou shalt not marry a pro choicer?”

The Bible actually is silent on that specific issue.

Further, the Bible instructs Christians they have liberty in Christ (Romans 7:6) and not to allow themselves to be held captive by weaker brothers in the faith, such as Driscoll (Romans 14:13 and Romans 14:5).

(Oddly though, Driscoll is rather hedonistic and libertine in sexual ethics and the opposite of “weaker brother.”)

The Bible also warns against excessive piety and asceticism, see Colossians chapter 2: 16 – 23.

So suck it, Rev. Driscoll and any other Christians who seek to place a set of limitations consisting of unbiblical requirements on unmarried Christians who are hoping for, striving for, marriage.

Given some of Driscoll’s other views on marriage and gender, he is one of the last people any un-married Christian should give credence to in the areas of dating, marriage, etc.

I am not in total agreement with all views expressed in this video (which sounds like it was taken from an atheist blog on Patheos, (Link): “Mark Driscoll’s Advice: Don’t Marry People Who Are Pro-Choice“):

*Yes, there is plenty of online evidence that Mark Driscoll is sexist, obnoxious, immature, in addition to being a sexual deviant.

Here are but a few examples (yes, this is but a small smattering; there are a billion more web pages out there quoting the guy, with numerous examples of his sexism, arrogance, etc – please note: I am not necessarily in agreement with all views expressed on all sites and blogs I link to):

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