Christian ‘World Magazine’ is Apparently Biased Against Singles

Christian ‘World Magazine’ is Biased Against Singles

Because I do not have a membership at World Magazine, I am unable to log in and read the article. Based on what I do see, though, WM is hostile towards singles.

It really hacks me off how so many married Christians view the need to defend marriage so great that they also feel the need to denigrate singlehood or singles in the process, even though the Bible says (1 Cor 7:8),

    To the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do.

Take for example, this editorial at World Magazine:

(Link): Living alone—and loving it?, posted by JANIE B. CHEANEY

Just look at that heading; we’re off to a bad start before even getting to the content… Cheaney (or whomever wrote the editorial – she posted it, but I am unsure if she is the author) cannot even possibly fathom that some people are fine or content living alone.

Excerpts (to read beyond this, you must sign up for membership to their site):

    Sept 2013
    Back in the millennial year 2000, Harvard professor Robert Putnam published a book that caused a lot of brow-wrinkling among social commentators. Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Communities documented how family deterioration and technological innovation had detached Americans from their social context. Not a good thing, according to the author, who foresaw increasing social dysfunction.

As if people do not experience aloneness and dysfunction if living in a family unit?

I just saw a survey a couple months ago that pointed out that living in a nuclear family does not guarantee togetherness, becaise, the researchers found that each family member goes off to his or her own room to browse the internet, read on their Kindle, or watch TV.

This reminds me of my past, when my sister would go to her room to listen to rock albums, my brother would go to his room to listen to rock albums, dad would watch TV in the den, I would go to my room to read or play with toys, and Mom would either putz about in the kitchen or go back to the master bedroom to read a romance novel or “Good Housekeeping.” And this was in the 1970s. This was even in the age before personal computers and the internet.

I would like to point out that all singles are different. There might be some singles who are fine living alone and not the least bit lonely, while some singles are lonely and lack community and friendship. I do not mean to suggest that all singles feel the same about being single or living alone.

Regardless of how each single feels about it, though, I do not feel it is appropriate for Christian publications or Christian writers to denigrate singlehood in the name of defending marriage or the nuclear family.
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