Married Woman Signing off as “Looking Ahead” Admits to Being in Sexless Marriage for TEN YEARS

Married Woman Signing off as “Looking Ahead” Admits to Being in Sexless Marriage for TEN YEARS

Christian sex propaganda says: if you wait until marriage to have sex, the sex will be great and frequent. Reality: a lot of married people (who are Christians when married and/or virgins) end up in sexless marriage or one or both partners get hooked on porn or have affairs.

Here we go again – this married woman says she has not had sex (at least not with her husband) for TEN YEARS:


    After a decade of trying to no avail to get my husband to participate in our marriage, I’ve decided to call it quits. The problem is that I am the breadwinner, and it would ruin us financially to split up.
  • We have a child in high school with some learning disabilities and social issues. I doubt she will be ready to fly the nest any time soon. I was advised by a family law attorney not to divorce for these reasons.
  • My husband and I are mostly friends but haven’t shared an intimate relationship on any level for 10 years. I stopped wearing my wedding ring and moved to another bedroom a few months ago.
  • My plan is to remain married and living in the home but to go my own way.
  • How do I explain this change in our relationship to friends and family? I am at peace with this decision and, in fact, am feeling unstuck and hopeful for the future for the first time in many years.
    — Looking Ahead

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One thought on “Married Woman Signing off as “Looking Ahead” Admits to Being in Sexless Marriage for TEN YEARS”

  1. Interesting – but a whole lot more to this “dishonest” story.
    I am personally aware of more than one such case in Christian Churches that were solved when the marriage faced break up and the couples went to counseling.
    In each case the woman had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse – incest. Typically the shame was so great at having lost their virginity at an early age they entered into marriage somehow seeing themselves as having sinned. Telling themselves sex was evil , they didn’t want children, and would spend the rest of their lives pretending at playing house.

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