Halloween Weirdness – get groped by a guy wearing nothing but underwear in a Haunted House

Halloween Weirdness – get groped by a guy wearing nothing but underwear in a Haunted House

This story comes from the same site that is opposed to “slut shaming” and seems very cool with homosexuality, so it’s a little odd they’re against this. Many of the authors of the site come across as sexual libertines, where they act like there should not be any sexual boundaries, so I’m always puzzled when they act opposed to things like this.

(Link): Haunted House Attraction Includes Being Touched by a Man in Underwear

    by Danielle Elliot

    He sat there in a yoga pose for about 20 seconds, then slowly started stroking her face. Then he jumped up, pressing his body against her with her back to the wall. He licked her neck at one point. Then he pushed her onto the ledge where he’d been sitting, and proceeded to stand right over her, again getting his face right up against her neck and cheeks, whispering in her ears. I was disturbed just watching the footage.

    We went through a few more rooms, and it ended with a grand finale of a guy singing “Happy Birthday” to himself as I was pressed against a wall and he – what else? – leaned against me. He kissed my cheek, brushing way too close to my lips. I again just wanted to push him off me and get the hell out.

    Afterwards, Kerr explained why she chose these scenes: “Americans are very uptight about sex and sexuality, they are even frightened of it, so including scenes that put people in sexualized situations is going to really push them to think about their own boundaries (one of the goals of the Basement is that people will learn more about themselves)”.

    I guess what I learned about myself is that it wasn’t scary. It wasn’t fun. It was just disturbing.

    She added that violence and sex were always kept separate – if you were being groped, you weren’t being cut or treated too aggressively.

    “We really tried to keep those two things separate because we didn’t want to cross that line. Sexual assault is not the ‘fun’ kind of scare, it’s just scary. Also in the basement there are no female victims (seen commonly elsewhere). All of our female characters are strong and in control in their scenes, again this was really very important to us.”

    Honestly, I didn’t notice that difference while I was inside. I can see it in hindsight, but I still cannot wrap my head around why anyone wants to be on the brink of assault.

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