Fathers and Married Men Caught In Pedo Sting by Authorities – Being Married or A Parent Does Not Make Person More Godly or Mature

Fathers and Married Men Caught In Pedo Sting by Authorities – Being Married or A Parent Does Not Make Person More Godly or Mature

Christians marginalize adult, never married (and childless – as well as widowed and divorced individuals) because they assume that single adults are losers, sexually impure, immoral, weird, etc.

On the other hand, many conservative Christians maintain that marriage and having a child instantly confers maturity, responsibility, and godliness to a person: but they do not.

This undercover pedophile sting turned up men who are fathers and who are married!

I found it interesting that the authorities who were in on this sting showed amazement and shock that MARRIED FATHERS were soliciting sex from a ten year old girl on the internet.

I suppose the authorities were expecting that their targets were going to be middle aged, never married, childless men.

But no, the perps who were hitting up a ten year old child for sex online turned out to be married fathers (from a variety of nations, including the United States, Ireland, Britain, and other nations)!

It looks like a person cannot trust a child around a married man, or with fathers, because married men and fathers are child molesters. Marriage and parenting seems to turn men into child rapists and perverts.

Before we get to the links, another point of Christian sex and marriage propaganda I’d like to address:

Christians say if you wait until marriage to have sex, the sex will be totally great. How “great” is married sex if these married perverts are seeking to have sex with a ten year old child, rather than channeling their sexual needs via their spouses?

Obviously, getting married and having sex with a spouse does not halt or diminish all sexual sins in all people, nor does marital sex instantly turn that married person into an individual who has impeccable sexual self control.

We are talking about married fathers who were soliciting sex with what they thought was a ten year old girl over the internet.

Someone on another site said some of the men caught in this undercover action were clergy members, but I have not been able to confirm that. The sources I’ve seen so far have not mentioned clergy being involved.

This story also blows a hole in the “family is backbone of society” theory Christians and social conservatives love to promote.

I am a never married, life long celibate, childless female – as such, I am afforded no respect from Republicans, Christians, or social conservatives, and I get blamed or criticized by those groups for not marrying and for not popping out children to provide future tax payers and future military personnel to defend the USA.

But you have to recognize that I – who am single and childless – am not tearing at the social fabric by soliciting sex with children over the internet (or anywhere else – and I have zero interest in ever having sex with a kid ever at any time).

How can the GOP, social conservatives, and Christians keep making a dodgy argument that “families are the building block of society” when some families are contributing to its decay, such as being drug addicts, selling drugs, raping their own children, etc?

As a never married, childless adult, I am better behaved and more sexually ethical than some married people and some parents I read about on the news online.

(Link): The ten-year-old girl called ‘Sweetie’ who has caught more than a THOUSAND sexual predators including 110 Britons

(Link): ‘Sweetie’ Sting Lures Thousands of Alleged Pedophiles

    Nov. 5, 2013

    A “virtual” 10-year-old girl named “Sweetie” lured hundreds of alleged pedophiles — including 254 Americans — into offering money to have the girl perform online sex acts, a group that fights child sex abuse claimed today.

    … Suspected pedophiles were tricked into believing they were engaged in an online chat with a 10-year-old girl from the Philippines called Sweetie, when in fact they were conversing with a team of four researches in the outskirts of Amsterdam.

    “Most Americans have also been recorded from the webcam, so we can actually see who they are and see their family pictures in the background,” Van Santbrink said. “That’s the scariest part. They are fathers, husbands, partners, ordinary people you meet every day.”

    Van Santbrink insisted that the conversations captured by the researchers showed that the suspected pedophiles at all times believed they were dealing with a 10 year old girl. All of the sexual conversations were instigated by the suspected pedophiles and not by the researchers.

(Link): Fathers on paedophile ‘sting’ list

    by SHANE PHELAN – 06 NOVEMBER 2013

    A RESEARCHER says some of the suspected Irish paedophiles identified in a major international sting operation gave off the appearance of being unremarkable family men.

    Three Irish men, two of whom are fathers, freely divulged personal information online while propositioning what they believed was a 10-year-old Filipino girl to perform sexual acts on a webcam.

    Their names are among 1,000 contained in a dossier handed to Interpol by children’s rights charity Terre des Hommes following the sting operation.

    The men thought they were talking online to a young girl called Sweetie, when in fact they were communicating with a computer-generated image controlled by researchers.

    One of the researchers, who asked not to be named, said the suspected Irish paedophiles tried to give off the impression they were “ordinary guys”.

    “There was nothing particularly interesting about them,” he said, adding: “We recorded it all – all of the identifying information.”

    Gardai are now waiting to receive the identities of the men from Interpol and have pledged to investigate their activities.

    Irish Independent

(Link): Pedophiles trapped by virtual under-aged girl online

    A Dutch rights group said Monday it had identified over one thousand pedophiles from around the world have been identified a Dutch rights group.

    The monsters were lured out of hiding by an online ad offering sex with a computer-generated 10-year-old Filipino girl called “Sweetie.” The identities of these men were compiled by Terre des Hommes Netherlands, who then turned them the list over to authorities. These men were apparently willing to pay children in developing countries for online sex, a growing phenomenon, a spokesman said.
    LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – “They were ready to pay Sweetie for sexual acts in front of her web cam,” the group’s leader Albert Jaap van Santbrink told reporters.

    The group wished to raise awareness about a largely unknown but quickly spreading new form of child exploitation that has tens of thousands of victims in the Philippines, known as “web cam child sex tourism.”

    Sweetie was created by the group and deployed in Internet chat rooms from a remote building in Amsterdam. Over the course of 10 weeks, over 20,000 predators from 71 countries approached Sweetie, asking for web cam sex performances.

    A man named “Older4young”, was later identified as a 35-year-old father of two from Atlanta in the United States. He asked Sweetie to undress for $10. “Turn on your cam. I’m horny,” the father wrote.

    During the online chat with the “girl,” researchers gathered information about her customers through social media. Researchers then identified the abusers and passed the information on to police.

    “The biggest problem is that the police don’t take action until child victims file reports, but children almost never report these crimes,” head of campaigns Hans Guyt says.

    Some of the men who contacted Sweetie were “fathers, musicians, an architect,” Santbrink says.

    They “come from all over the world, from America, Europe, but also from countries like India, Japan, Korea,” Guyt says.

(Link): Computer Sting with CGI ‘Sweetie’ Catches Online Sex Perverts

    By Kate Henderson
    BBC News
    November 5, 2013

    Angus Crawford, a BBC reporter, visited the warehouse to observe the sting take place. He was amazed to see, within seconds of logging on to the fake profile, how many requests flooded in. They came in from all corners of the globe, but of the 1,000 hits he witnessed, 254 came in from America, 110 from the United Kingdom and 103 from India.

    There was no discernible patterns amongst the men, they range in age from teenagers to septuagenarians, and seemingly from all walks of life. Men from 71 countries in total tried to make the computer generated child commit a sex act online for them.

    Around the world today, national papers are picking on the numbers from their own country. The Sydney Morning Herald reports 46 Australians identified, and the Globe and Mail in Canada, 54 Canadians.

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