Weirdo Dude Arrested for Having Sex with Raft and Pumpkin

Weirdo Dude Arrested for Having Sex with Raft and Pumpkin

A lot of segments of American society, including Christianity, will treat you like a freak if you’re still a virgin past your mid 30s. As someone who is past her mid 30s and who hasn’t had sex yet, can I get props for at least not having sex with pool toys and pumpkins?

(Link): Edwin Tobergta, Sentenced To 11 Months For Sex With Pool Raft, Also Had Sex With Pumpkin

Edwin Tobergta of Hamilton, Ohio, is now famous as the man caught having sex with a pool raft. His sentencing hearing this week offered a little insight into his proclivities. One thing that stands out: He once pleasured himself with a pumpkin.

Tobergta was sentenced this week to 11 months in prison for defiling the inflatable raft, according to WXIX. He committed the act in June, in front of children.

At an earlier court session, Tobergta plead guilty to public indecency.

This is the second time Tobergta has been caught in flagrante delicto with an inflatable pool toy. The same thing happened in 2011.

But a less reported aspect of Tobergta’s checkered history with the law occurred in 2002, when he was arrested for allegedly diddling an inflatable pumpkin that was part of a Halloween display.

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