Married Father Rapes Teen Babysitter, Then Kills her So She Can’t Testify

Married Father Rapes Teen Babysitter, Then Kills her So She Can’t Testify

Fatherhood and marriage (contrary to conservative evangelical, Neo Reformed, fundamentalist, and Baptist propaganda) does not make a person more godly or loving, example one hundred billion on this blog:

(Link): Texas Man Gets Death Penalty for Murdering Baby Sitter

    • DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas-area man was sentenced to death Saturday for killing his children’s baby sitter to prevent her from testifying that he raped her.

Franklin Davis admitted in court to killing 16-year-old Shania Gray, describing how he lured her into his car outside her school, shot her and dumped her body in a river. But he said he killed her out of revenge and hatred, not to obstruct the sexual assault case that was nearing trial.

A Dallas jury convicted Davis of capital murder Tuesday before sentencing him to death.

Gray was remembered as a vivacious, friendly girl who often played basketball in the family driveway. Most people did not know that she was at the center of the sexual assault case against Davis.

Her mother told police in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite that Davis sexually assaulted Gray while she was baby-sitting his children. Davis, known by the nickname “Wish,” exposed himself and had sex with the girl four separate times in 2011, according to a police affidavit.

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