What A Winner | It’s Always Better to Stay Single Than Marry or Date a Loser (re: E. JEAN Advice Column)

What A Winner | It’s Always Better to Stay Single Than Marry or Date a Loser

The “winner” in the title is pure sarcasm.

I cannot believe the crap women take off men. It is better to stay single than date or marry a selfish idiot like the one described in this letter:

(Link): Ask E. Jean: The Bad Boyfriend With Bad Manners

    DEAR E. JEAN: I have so much love for my gorgeous, kind, very smart boyfriend, but he belches and doesn’t follow up with a polite nicety. I’m obsessing over this because he makes me feel like an uptight “prissy girl” for expecting a simple “excuse me.”

    I swear I’m not a prude! But he defines modern manners as “feeble social conventions.” He has other issues that are problematic for me—he smokes too much pot, is lazy, makes no money, and has no prospects—but all I ask is for him to make me happy with this one thing: not to belch in front of me. Am I crazy for thinking a man should not burp loudly in front of a lady?

    —Mad for Manners

    MAD, MY SUAVE MUSKMELON: Yes, it is perfectly correct for a shiftless, stone-broke pothead with “no prospects” to burp loudly in front of a lady whenever the lady is stupid enough not to say to the shiftless, stone-broke pothead with no prospects who is belching in front of her: “Excuse me, clod. We’re finished.” If you wrap yourself around an idle man, you’ll end up with a dick.

One should not have to ask an advice columnist what to do in a situation like this. You should not even be dating this guy. You should have kicked his ass to the curb months ago, or not even dated him to start with.

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