Christian TV Show Host Pat Robertson Disrespects Virginity – Says Pre-Marital Sex Is “Not A Bad Thing”

Christian TV Show Host Pat Robertson Disrespects Virginity – Says Pre-Marital Sex Is “Not A Bad Thing”

On today’s “The 700 Club,” a viewer in his early 20s wrote to hosts of the show with a question. The letter writer says he is a virgin and wants to wait for marriage to have sex. The guy said he found out his girlfriend is not a virgin. He wanted to know if dating her is wrong.

You can watch the video yourself here:
(Link): Marriage and Tithing questions (question from male virgin about dating a non virgin)

The 700 Club show provided a transcript:





—(end quote)—

Keeping in mind that Pat Robertson engaged in fornication himself (see previous posts on this blog for more on that, complete with links), which is why, I suspect, he tends to excuse hetero fornication, any time someone writes in asking him these types of questions.

Robertson told the letter writer, “Having [previous sexual] experience is not necessarily a bad thing.” 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

Yes, Robertson really said that.

Robertson passes himself off as a Christian. It’s one thing to inform people that sexual sin can be forgiven, which is all well and good, but quite another to tell a virgin, “Having [previous sexual] experience is not necessarily a bad thing,” which is a round-about way of condoning pre-martial sex and denigrating virginity.

A Christian should have very high standards in this area and not teach or endorse anything less than what the Bible says about the topic of sex, and the Bible is clear, yes very clear (I know some “nones,” emergents, and liberals hate it when anyone says the Bible is ‘clear’ on anything, but on some topics, yes, it really is), and the Bible is quite clear that sex is for marriage and marriage only.

That I see self-professing Christians with a huge platform, such as Robertson, with his daily national television show, where he gets to repeat his views to millions, act so dismissive towards virginity, when they should be the first to uphold it, is infuriating and perplexing.

Robertson will sit there and act critical towards homosexuality on some ‘700 Club’ episodes, but he has this double standard where he downplays or excuses hetero sexual sin, especially if it is hetero pre-marital sex.

(It’s usually the reverse these days: I see emergent Christians, and other types of Christians (even conservative and orthodox ones), arguing that hetero singles should abstain from sex, but not homosexuals, because, the thinking goes, pity those poor homosexuals who may never have an avenue to have sex at all, if they stay true to Biblical sexual teachings, and who can expect anyone to stay a virgin over a lifetime – never mind that the same fate befalls hetero singles who may never marry because they are unable to find a suitable partner).

This is also odd on other levels; usually, conservative Christians tell kids and college aged people if they retain their virginity until marriage that they will have mind-blowing, frequent sex – which is of course, not true; I’ve posted many links showing that quite the opposite happens.

But Robertson is going the other route and telling single and virginal Christians that having sexual experience prior to marriage is not a bad thing, and that, he implies, it can even enhance a marriage. It’s remarkable that he is so anti-biblical on the issue of sexual ethics.

Many Christians do not support celibacy or virginity; if anything, some of them denigrate and dismiss both.

You can also watch this Pat Robertson segment on You Tube (the You Tube Link):

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3 thoughts on “Christian TV Show Host Pat Robertson Disrespects Virginity – Says Pre-Marital Sex Is “Not A Bad Thing””

  1. I hate this trash coming from the men of god that are supposed to stand up for the truth.The more my virginity is treated like a piece of garbage to be disposed in the name of social acceptance and not an intimate act between the man I love and my body and conscience, the more I hold on to it and the less desire I have to go out and get it over with. Society gets less and less supportive of people like us. In my last job I was harassed for it, coworkers talked to me with a baby face and said: awww when I spoke to them. I was 19 at that time, imagine at 25 what reactions would I get? This is why our sense of morality should be on god, human have no morality if they look at each other imitating their lack of morality “my neighbor cheated on his wife three times and got away with it, shit I need to try that soon” is the mentality of many men.These idiot televangelists are ruining everything, these corrupted pastors make my blood boil, this mind numbing garbage about sex being the center of everything makes me want to be celibate forever just to prove I’m stronger in my decisions than anyone else, it’s my personal form of rebellion, my unyielding belief I can keep to myself just as much as someone who sleeps around. I’m tired of other virgins going at it just for social acceptance, then complain it wasn’t all cracked up to be. Finger pointing at those failing and saying to themselves ” I need to fail too” nope our deal is with god not with these douchebags!

  2. ChristianPundit: I put Pat Robertson in the same perverted boat as Russell Moore. I don’t tune in to either one. You need to remember that anybody waiting over 30 or so is going to be in an extremely small minority today. Churches dropped support for them about 40 years ago when divorce and same sex marriage became politically correct. So linking the virtuous is one of the few positives I see of the internet. But unfortunately the internet also attracts anonymous voyeurs who troll the blogs and social media for entertainment purposes.

    1. I know that Robertson is a buffoon, but he still has a loud mega phone to shout out his views (via his TV show), which get picked up by Christian and secular press.

      I wonder why a 23 year old guy would even consider writing to Robertson for advice about whom to date anyway? It leads me to believe that some people out there must view him as a good or authoritative source to turn to when and if they have questions about these things.

      You said, Churches dropped support for them about 40 years ago when divorce and same sex marriage became politically correct.

      I don’t know if churches (Protestant/Baptist) ever really have. I think the expectation in Prot. American Christianity was that every one would marry and have children, even before the era of no-fault divorce, etc etc.

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