Sugar Daddy Dating Site Uses Appeals to Obamacare to Get Members

Sugar Daddy Dating Site Uses Appeals to Obamacare to Get Members

What a weird marketing move.

(Link): Website Pitches Obamacare ‘Sugar Daddies’

    By Clara Ritger
    November 19, 2013

    “Don’t get screwed by Obamacare,” shouts a billboard in Dallas. “Find a Sugar Daddy.”—a dating website that promises to link singles to “sugar daddies” and “sugar mommies” with financial means—launched a marketing campaign on Nov. 1 promoting the site as a place for young women burdened by new health insurance costs to find a benefactor.

    The unusual outreach is among a spate of recent entrepreneurial efforts to drum up business as a result of changes in the nation’s health care system.

    The website’s first billboard appeared in Dallas last week, with another set to go up in Pittsburgh. A third will likely appear in a Western city such as Phoenix.

    “We tried to put up a billboard in D.C. but we got turned down,” said founder and CEO Brandon Wade. “I guess we’re too close to Obama or something.”

    Profile creation is up 50 percent—roughly 24,000 women added to the site’s 2 million and growing list of members—in the two weeks since the health insurance push began. conducted a survey of new users and found that one in three signed up because they were concerned about the cost of coverage.

    “We monitor the trends of what people are talking about and why they go on our website,” Wade said. “When we looked at our statistics for October, we noticed that members were distressing about the cost of health insurance more than in the months before.”

    The campaign was a response to an 83 percent increase in October of the use of the keyword “health care” in “Sugar Baby” profiles. Already its YouTube video has more than 17,000 views.

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