Pat Robertson Excuses Female Adultery – hey, we are all “sexual beings”

Pat Robertson Excuses Female Adultery

Robertson sure is on a roll this week. Just a couple of days ago, he was saying pre marital sex is no big deal, now he’s brushing off adultery like it’s entirely understandable, because hey, married women are “sexual beings” who get urges.

You can watch that episode here (the question from the married woman is the 3rd of 4th one in the video):
(Link): Pat Robertson on adultery: Everyone is a “sexual being” so it’s okay if you cheat

I do have to credit him for at least acknowledging that women have a libido. Usually, conservative Christian men behave as though women, especially married ones, are not the least interested in sex.

Anyway, a lady wrote Robertson’s “700 Club” show saying she is married, and while she was married, a male co worker kissed her 16 years ago, and she said he said he wanted “more than that.”

She feels just horrible about this incident and wants to know if she should tell her husband now.

Now, I don’t think a kiss is a big deal, but in the context of discussing marital infidelity in general, that is where Robertson sort of brushed the whole thing aside like it’s no big deal.

One rationale he gave is that married women are “sexual beings” and get desires.

Er, yes, Pat, that is true, but just because God gave us all sexual desires and urges does not mean we are to act upon them.

You would think Robertson, who claims to be a Christian with his own Christian show, would defend sexual purity, but he never misses a chance to downplay adultery or pre-marital sex. He does come down hard on pornography in some shows, but he seems to think actually, literally having sex with another person is nothing to be concerned about.

The consensus I am getting from Christians on the topic of sex is that fornication is acceptable for adults. They only remain concerned that women under the age of 25 not have pre-marital sex. Once you’re past 25, they don’t seem to care anymore.

Only in the world of conservative, evangelical Christianity do they preach loudly to defend something but then turn around five minutes later and say they don’t really mean it.

Evangelical Christians, and some other flavors of Christians, will tell you when you are 12, 15, or 20 that sex is for marriage only, but you start hearing them tell people over 25, “we don’t expect you to hold out, though. We know you cannot resist, you will have pre-marital sex, and once married, you will have affairs, but that’s okay! You’re a sexual being with urges, you are a sinner. Nobody expects you to control yourself.”

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