Christians Who Sexualize Female Infants and Who Have Wacko, Weird, Unbiblical Gender Role Views They Actually Believe are Biblical / Re Botkins

Christians Who Sexualize Female Infants and Who Have Wacko, Weird, Unbiblical Gender Role Views They Actually Believe are Biblical / Re Botkins

I knew something seemed familiar about this previous post, where I quoted excerpts by a David E. Prince guy:
(Link): Astonishing: Evangelical Baptist Marriage Idolater David E. Prince Wants to Know Why Evangelical Baptists Are Not Worshipping Marriage More

Here is how Prince opened that editorial:

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) –
    “Lord, thank You for the life of this beautiful little girl… Lord, give her a future husband who loves You and serves You and will protect, provide and love her as Christ loves the church. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

    As I lifted my head in that hospital room after praying for the family and their newborn baby, I carefully gave the child back to her mother.

Prince’s views about sexualizing a female infant and being so heavily into unbiblical, narrow gender roles, are creepily similar to this creepfest (which I actually read many months ago but kind of forgot about):

(Link): Breakpoint on the Botkins

    Some time ago, someone sent me a link to a reference to the Botkin Daughters on Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint/Prison Fellowship website, and I wanted to share it with readers here.

    Even they think “Botkin Syndrome” is overkill! The author for (Link): Breakpoint, Gina Dalfonzo, also hit on the idea that these extreme religious groups lack trust in God.

    They essentially “work the program” in a way that almost orders God around like the “cosmic bellhop,” just because they worked the formula that was supposed to yield perfection.

    If Daddy Botkin was that concerned that he had to lay his hand on his infant daughter’s abdomen, concerned about the billions and billions of offspring held within those eggs, why are his daughters not yet married?

    Those eggs are getting older by the minute, and so are their chances of lowering their risk of breast cancer by carrying a pregnancy to term and breastfeeding by age thirty.

    … From Victory Through Daughters by Kathryn Joyce [(Link): Source]:

      So as Botkin held his newborn daughter perfectly still in his cupped hands, he prayed to God for guidance: after having raised two older sons, how should he raise a daughter?

      He felt God move him to a specific prayer for the infant sleeping in his hands, a prayer for her body. He remembered baby girls are born with two ovaries and a finite number of eggs that will last them a lifetime. He placed his hand over his new daughter’s abdomen and prayed for Anna Sofia to be the “future mother of tens of millions.”

      He prayed that the Lord would order everything in his daughter’s life: “What You will do with every single egg here. How many children will this young lady have? Who will be her husband? With what other legacy will these little eggs be joined to produce the next generation for the glory of God?”

      He explained to a room full of about six hundred fathers and daughters gathered for the annual Vision Forum Father and Daughter Retreat that he had prayed that his new daughter might marry young.

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