Pat Robertson: Humans Have Sexual Drives of Animals and Twice Divorced People are “Losers” (ie, they are not marriage material, they keep picking losers)

Pat Robertson: Humans Have Sexual Drives of Animals and Twice Divorced People are “Losers” (ie, they are not marriage material, they keep picking losers)

Okay. More sexual sin rationalization from Christian television host Pat Robertson concerning sexual sin on todays’ 700 Club, aired Dec 5, 2013.

I believe the pertinent portion is the one after the letter from the lady asking about the End Times, and the lady asking about divorce. This MIGHT the episode:
(Link): 700 Club, Bring It On-Line: God’s View Of Divorce

Oh wait, before I get to the part of the show I originally started this post for, I want to comment on Pat’s divorce answer.

I just heard the divorce part online, from watching the video.

Robertson basically tells the woman who says she was divorced twice (and wants to know if God will consider her an adulteress if she marries again), that she is a loser…

He also says that she is not “marriage material” because she has had two failed marriages. LOL. Oh Pat, you are so sensitive with people’s feelings. LOL.

God only knows what the idiot would say if he found out I’m still not married at age 40ish.

Robertson would probably tell me I have the “gift of singleness” (which the Bible does NOT teach – 1 Corinthians 7 does not teach GOS; it merely says marriage is a pain in the ass and that staying single is easier or more beneficial).

Now, I myself wonder about people who have struck out at marriage more than twice. You may not be cut out for marriage, though I would not go so far as to call you a “loser,” that is pretty damn harsh.

But I notice that most Christians are either very lax about divorce, while the other side goes too strict (they say you can never divorce, unless in case of adultery – which is not what Jesus taught, (Link): see this page (“What does the Bible really teach about divorce?”)).

I have blogged on this before, but I am annoyed by the Christians who act like divorce is no biggie.

Christians are such hypocrites: they will treat a never married woman who is over age 30 like a FREAK but treat a woman (or man) who has been divorced once or more (even someone who has divorced four, five or more times) like they are totally normal.

I am not saying divorce makes a person a freaky freak or abnormal; I am objecting to how Christians usually treat divorced people a step up from never- married adults. I notice it, believe me. There is a double standard, and it’s the double standard I’m talking about.

I know many Christians do mistreat divorced people, but believe you me, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the level of stereotyping and stuff that happens to the never-married.

Divorced people are even encouraged in books by Christian authors to remarry! Living the rest of your life single and celibate is not even considered an option!

Returning to the 700 Club show:
I didn’t catch the whole question about sex the first time I watched the show. Based on Robertson’s answer, it sounds as though someone wrote in asking if they dream about having sex, is dreaming about sex a sin?

My answer is probably no, it’s not, but the point of interest was Robertson’s response that “We [human beings] have sexual drives of animals.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. It seems to me that most evangelicals and conservative Christians spend a hella lot of time explaining why humans are made in God’s image, that animals and humanity are not quite the same, and especially when arguing with atheists and evolutionists.

So is it not strange that Robertson, a purported evangelical Christian, is now making animals and humans sound the same, with no distinctions?

And which sort of rather implies that when a person experiences sexual desire, he or she has no control over it and will act on it, and if so, you can’t hold the person accountable for it.

I mean, you would not expect a cat in heat to abstain from sex, so why a human being, am-i-rite? That is what Robertson’s thought process sounds like.

Robertson, as I have blogged before (with links to examples, to videos where you can watch him talk about sex), tends to justify sexual sin. He excuses it on the basis that all humans have sexual desire, so you can’t blame a man or woman who has an affair or has pre marital sex.

Not only is that false, in that all people can practice sexual self control and do not have to act on desire, but there are some people who are ASEXUAL – they experience little to no interest in sex and/or lack sexual desire.

Dec 6, 2013 edit. This story has been picked up by the Right Wing Watch site:
(Link): Pat Robertson Blames Woman For Drawing In ‘Indigent Or Abusive’ Spouses

    Televangelist Pat Robertson has a flair for making sweeping judgments about people simply by reading the short questions they submit to the 700 Club’s Bring It On segment. Just today, Robertson seemed to be able to uncover intimate details about a the life of a twice-divorced woman who was wondering if she would go to hell if she married again.

      SUBMITTED BY Brian Tashman on Thursday, 12/5/2013 12:45 pm
  • “You’ve got a serious problem and I don’t think marriage is for you,” Robertson said. “You have picked a selection of losers, there is something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. I don’t think you’re marriage material.”
  • The viewer never referenced abuse in her question.
  • “Just for now, forget marriage, work out a life for yourself, get close to the Lord,” Robertson advised.

RWW News: Pat Robertson Blames Woman For Attracting Abusive Spouse

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