Sex, What Is the Meaning? (podcast from Mortification of Spin, an Evangelical Group)

Sex, What Is the Meaning? (podcast from Mortification of Spin, Evangelical Group)

I personally found this broadcast (see link much farther below) a bit on the dull side, but anyone visiting this blog might find it interesting.

It’s a podcast with two, Christian male hosts and a male Christian guest (Denny Burk) who yak about sex and sexual sin.

They only discuss hetero, pre-marital sex very briefly, spend the lion’s share of the show yakking about the widespread acceptance of homosexuality, which perturbs me a little.

I mean, have you noticed that when Christians do talk about sex (especially fornication), it’s never to address the circumstances of the adult virgin who is over 30?

Evangelical (as well as Baptist, fundamentalist, and Neo Reformed Christians) discussions about sex is always contextualized in or around things such as, “Ideas on how to keep teeny boppers from Doing It,” or, “Oh, what a shame so many people today are so accepting of homosexuality these days!”

The show guest and the hosts also mention how some preachers (such as sleaze bucket preacher Mark Driscoll) disgracefully turn the biblical book ‘Song of Songs’ into a Porno Manual and get all salacious and tawdry when discussing sex in books, blogs, sermons, and in television interviews. They condemn that approach and believe preachers should show some decorum when talking about sex (I agree).

They also discuss how societal views on sex have changed over the last 30 – 40 years to be very permissive.

You can listen to the interview here:

(Link): (Podcast, audio file): Sex, what is the meaning?

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