Mega Church Preacher Rick Warren Says He’s Concerned about Marriage Being “Redefined”

Mega Church Preacher Rick Warren Says He’s Concerned about Marriage Being “Redefined”

As a never-married woman past the age of 40 who desired marriage, I can’t get worked up over whether or not homosexuals get married.

If churches, Baptists, and evangelicals showed even one ounce the passion towards helping the never- married singles (including the HETERO ones, and the divorced / widowed) as they do ranting against homosexual marriage, I could maybe muster up a tiny bit of outrage over homosexual marriage. Or not.

But at the very least, it’s surprising that while there is a boatload of unwanted, protracted singleness among adult Christian women, rather than helping these women get married, these famous preachers (and even less famous ones) choose to moan and gripe about homosexual marriage.

I do agree with Warren’s comments below that tolerance has become a one-way street, particularly in regards to issues such as homosexuality: it now means, you must not just merely “tolerate” homosexuality, to live and let live with those whom you disagree, but you must celebrate it and think it’s awesome.

The “tolerance” only goes one way these days, where social liberals and left wingers show no tolerance towards right wingers and social conservatives. I’m tired of that double standard.

But, churches need to get on the ball helping celibate hetero and homosexual singles, instead of raging constantly against homosexual marriage.

(Link): Rick Warren on Redefining Marriage: I Fear God’s Disapproval More Than Man’s

    December 8, 2013

    Pastor Rick Warren of Southern California’s Saddleback megachurch explained his position on tolerance, homosexuality and marriage during an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, telling the journalist he is most concerned about the attempts to redefine the term “marriage.”

    “While I may disagree with you on your views on sexuality, this does not give me the right to demean you, to demoralize you, to defame you, to turn you into a demon,” Pastor Warren stressed on the onset.

    Tolerance, Warren said, used to mean that we treat each other with mutual respect even if we have major disagreements. But that has changed.

    “Today, tolerance has been changed to mean, all ideas are equally valid,” Warren told Morgan. “Well, that’s non-sense, OK. All ideas are not equally valid. You can say the moon is made of cheese, or I can say the moon is made of beans…”

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