Totally Obnoxious Parent: Childless Couple Who Donates to Childrens Charities Lambasted by Snotty Adult Sister for Not Showering Her Kids with Christmas Presents – Parents Who Discriminate Against the Childless or Childfree

Childless Couple Who Donates to Childrens Charities Lambasted by Snotty Adult Sister for Not Showering Her Kids with Christmas Presents – Parents Who Discriminate Against the Childless

Oh my dog. The level of snottiness from this bratty adult parent. Amazing.

Letter to advice columnist Carolyn Hax (I have not yet read Hax’s reponse; I am keeping my fingers crossed Hax tells her to take her anti childless attitudes and shove them up her ass):

    [Dear] Carolyn:
    I’m pretty annoyed and appalled at my brother, “Ted,” and his wife, “Lisa,” regarding Christmas and I’m wondering how to approach them.

    On our side of the family there are four siblings (including Ted) and five nieces and nephews. Three years ago we decided that the Christmas gift exchange had gotten to be too much, so we agreed that gifts among the siblings and grandparents would only be given to the children. It worked beautifully and everyone had a blast (we thought) watching the kids with their toys.

    Last week, Ted informed me that he and Lisa are bowing out of the afternoon gift exchange and will only show for dinner in the evening because, as the only childless couple, they’re “not really a part of it.” Meaning, because they don’t get any presents they’re not going to give any!

    I was shocked at such stinginess considering that, even though none of us is hurting for money, they’re by far the wealthiest.

    It hurts even more considering the fact that they provide a veritable waterfall of presents for Lisa’s goddaughter, and every year they buy a ton of toys for the “giving tree” at their church!

    My sister and I don’t know how to explain to our kids that their uncle and aunt don’t think enough of them to buy them a little Christmas present. As the oldest, I’ve been elected to talk to Ted about this and I’m looking for help in presenting to Ted how bad this makes him look to the rest of the family and how to get him to reconsider.
    Scrooge’s Sibling

😯 Why in the fuck (don’t be shocked by the naughty language, you were forewarned weeks ago, LINK) should a childless couple be expected to buy presents for children, for anyone’s children?

(Rhetorical. My answer is they should not be expected to. Not buying some rugs rats some gifts, not even for nephews and nieces, does not make them selfish, stingy Big Meanies.)

The mother (or “Moo,” as Child Free would refer to her) who wrote this letter to Hax certainly has a huge entitlement mentality.

In case you are curious, here is part of Hax’s reply to The Bitch:

    But it’s neither the only possibility nor a persuasive one to me. If Ted and Lisa have long been the non-parents at child-centric family events, then their choice might be a coping mechanism for them, not a slap to your kids — especially if they want to be parents but keep hitting obstacles.

    Maybe, too, they never enjoyed the kid frenzy and prefer seeing their nieces and nephews one family at a time. Even some parents would opt out of child-centric events if they could.

    … Consider this one also: With four siblings and grandparents, plural, among the adults, all affluent, and with only five kids receiving gifts, and with a family precedent of gift-giving run amok, it’s not hard for me to whomp up a mental image of Christmas day excess.

    … Most of all, I’d wonder why you approached me solely to extract gifts, and not to understand my reasoning and find another way to include me. So I’ll ask you: Why? Don’t say boo to Ted until you fill in that blank.

And in today’s column to Amy, some woman who’s been married for 14 years says she found out her husband (whom she has two kids with) has been cheating on her. Oh yes, marriage (and being a parent) magically transforms people into godly saints! 🙄
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