Fox News Channel Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies – Look, I’m Right Wing, But Also A Never-Married Woman, and I Find This Obnoxious

Fox Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies – Look, I’m Right Wing, But Also A Never-Married Woman, and I Find This Obnoxious

If you are new to this blog and have not read the “About” page: I am Republican. I am a social conservative. Therefore, I am not a Fox news channel hater. I know, a lot of left wingers despise Fox. I do not.

However, I don’t always agree with Republicans, so cons, or Fox news hosts or guests all the time, and this would be one of those times.

Before I give you the link (which is much farther below). I want to note yet again. For the millionth time.

I am so damn sick and tired of everyone, but it’s usually social conservatives, conservative talking heads on television, or conservative, Baptist, or evangelical Christians, who ASSUME if you are still not married by your mid- 30s that you have deliberately chosen to forgo marriage, and that you are a man-hating, career-obsessed feminist.

I was brought up in a very traditional, conservative Baptist family, and I had very much wanted to be married and am surprised to find myself still single in my 40s.

I did not choose to be single this long.

I am mighty tired of social conservatives or conservative Christians assuming all women (or men) who have still not married by some age or another have chosen to remain single.

If these idiots think I am marrying any old guy who comes along just for the sake of being married, screw them.

I learned after having been in a long term relationship that it is better to be single than in relationship with someone who makes you miserable (and maybe take that to heart, for those of you at age 30 or older who fret or feel ashamed because you’ve not yet had a date, a first kiss, or a S.O., whatever).

Having a sweetie pie is not all it’s cracked up to be. Your sweetie can turn out to be the biggest pain in the ass and disappointment ever, so that when you finally dump him, you feel joy and relief.

Would I still like to marry? Sure… but not to just any old guy.

You’ll notice that these people giving us singles advice – the “Just get married and have kids!” advice – assume we can wave a wand and make a spouse appear in our lives.

This link is from a left wing site (I am right wing, but I admit that other right wingers occasionally say something obnoxious, sexist, or stupid, like this):

(Link): Fox Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies


      ON DECEMBER 8, 2013 AT 11:07 AM

Fox News ran a segment entitled “You Do Need A Husband!” on Sunday.

Their guest, founder of the site ‘Women for Men’ Suzanne Venker, was on to argue that women are trying too hard to reduce their reliance on men.

Her appearance followed up on her article “Why women still need husbands,” published Friday on Fox’s website.

In the piece, Venker argues that women won’t find fulfillment trying to balance a relationship and family with full-time work. “Financial independence is a great thing,” she writes [(Link): Why Women Still Need Husbands], “but you can’t take your paycheck to bed with you. And there’s nothing empowering about being beholden to an employer when what you really want is to have a baby. ”

She uses this opinion to advocate for women having less of a role in the workforce, and letting men be the breadwinners.

“Unlike women,” Venker writes, “a man’s identity is inextricably linked to his paycheck.”

During the segment, hosts Clayton Morris and Tucker Carlson lavished praise on the piece, thanking Venker for writing it and saying “I’m confused why this controversial.”

But Fox correspondent Anna Kooiman seemed a little more skeptical of Venker’s argument, pointing out that, “some critics have said it’s a little bit too broad to say men are this way and women are that way.”

Kooiman then got personal with Venker, asking her for “some words of wisdom:”


I fit into that category perfectly. I’m single. I’m 29 years old. I’m very career-oriented. What is your advice in just a couple sentences?

VENKER: My advice is, as the years go on and you find that you want, if you do, to get married and settle down, to understand time is going to be your greatest enemy.

Not your husband, not men, not the government, not your employers.

It’s time, there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything.

So if you learn to embrace that side of yourself that isn’t about work — in other words, the nurturing side, the motherhood, all of that — it’s okay to let your husband bring home that full-time income so you can have more of a balanced life.

And we should really be thanking men for this, not saying they’re in our way or not doing enough.

Venker has (Link): previously argued that, as women become major breadwinners and stop acting like “traditional women,” they are becoming increasingly more annoying and less marriageable to men.

But no matter what prescriptive ‘answer’ Venker thinks is right for all women, she’ll have to get used to the fact that women are bringing home the bacon.

In May, a Pew report (Link): found that a record-breaking number of families are relying on women’s income.

And if women are feeling taxed and burnt out by that, it’s only because, while they grow as a share of the primary breadwinners in the country, they are (Link): still largely responsible for all the housework that goes into keeping a family.

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