TBN is still doing tributes about deceased founder Paul Crouch Sr

I think it’s inappropriate for TBN to keep airing tributes to Paul Crouch Sr. as much as they have been doing.

I understand them wanting to do maybe one 30 to 60 minute tribute to the guy, showing photos of him from the past and discussing his founding of their station, but ever since the guy died a few days ago, they have been airing what seems like non-stop Paul Crouch tributes.

They are so far using all of today’s three hour “PTL” show to do another tribute to Crouch Sr. They aired one late last night and earlier in the evening.

Assuming the guy was sincerely about Jesus Christ and not about money grubbing, you would think he would want the TBN folks to cherish his memory by resuming regular programming, featuring shows about Jesus Christ, not re-airing yet another tribute program about him.

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