Why we’re child-free and happy (article)

Why we’re child-free and happy (article)

From a UK paper:

(Link): Why we’re child-free and happy

Long excerpt:

    Monday, December 09, 2013

    ARIA Ungerer is in her mid-30s. She’s happy, successful, in a stable loving relationship, fulfilled in her life, and… avowedly childless. Or ‘child-free’ as she calls it.

    By Liz Dunphy
    Increasing numbers are joining her ranks. At a time when fertility treatments and adoption options are more plentiful than ever for those who want to have children, many people are choosing not to be parents.

    Controversial research at the London School of Economics recently proposed a correlation between high female intelligence and childlessness. Satoshi Kanazawa analysed the UK’s National Child Development Study, which followed a group of people over 50 years, and found that childhood intelligence predicted childlessness in females.

    Airlines are beginning to offer child-free sections on their planes for those keen to avoid noisy little ones, and Facebook now has a baby blocker app for people bored by the stream of baby photos and teething updates that can inundate their virtual mailbox, while the adults-only holiday market is also thriving. So, is choosing a child-free future becoming increasingly popular in an over-populated world?

    “There is a strong assumption that as a woman you must naturally desire children,” says Ungerer, “and that there must be something wrong with you if you choose not to have any. That assumption is shifting but the social pressure to conform to certain markers such as marriage and childbirth is still enormous. I think it’s important to foster creativity — to birth something. Many people choose to channel their creativity into child rearing but I think there are lots of other ways to bring something new and exciting into the world.”

    Sheena Dempsey, 31, writes and illustrates children’s books.

    “Both my partner and I are very lukewarm on the idea of having children. I love children and I get so much enjoyment from being around my own nieces and nephews but I’ve never felt a biological urge to have any of my own.”

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