Parenthood Does Not Make People More Loving Mature Godly Ethical Caring or Responsible (One Stop Thread) Confronting Refuting Correcting Rebutting Christian Propaganda Arguments Stereotypes About Parenting Parenthood

Parenthood Does Not Make People More Loving Mature Godly Ethical Caring or Responsible (One Stop Thread)

Examples of PARENTS behaving badly, rudely, sinning, or committing crimes

The following are links to many (but not all) posts on this blog about news reports about sins and crimes committed by PARENTS.

Some of these parents might also be MARRIED and CHRISTIAN. Some are Non Christian.


I’m sure there are parents out there who bill themselves as atheist who rape, abuse, or murder their children, but I would not deduce from that fact ALL atheists do that, or that ALL atheists would endorse such behavior.

It’s up for debate, I suppose, if atheism is the root cause behind such action.

So bear in mind when I post these “Christians abuse their kids” news stories on this blog, I am doing so not to depict ALL Christians as violent, abusive wackos, but only to point out that being a parent, contra to Christian claims and stereotypes, does not make a person more mature, ethical, giving, self-less, or godly than being childfree or childless.


(Link): Pastor (who is also a father) Allegedly Raped Sisters (both under age 10) For 10 Years, Claimed “Devil” Inside Them

Contains news stories about trend of mothers who abandon their children:

(Link): Motherhood Does Not Necessarily Make Women More Mature, Selfless, Responsible, Or Spiritual

(Link): Homosexual Father Arrested for Raping His Nine Year Old Son, Filming it For Perverted Friends, Lets Friend Rape His Kid, Resulting in Kid Getting STD – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Godly or Mature

(Link): Fatherhood Not Quite the Producer of Manly, Mature, Godly Men Some Conservative Christians Make It Out To Be (Married Father Arrested for Planning Serial Killing Spree, Cannibalism)

(Link): Obit for Dead Abusive Mother

(Link): Parents Allow Their Infant to Almost Starve To Death Because….

(Link): Grandma Smashes Infant Granddaughter to Death with SledgeHammer, Slits Infant’s Throat – Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Mature, Godly

(Link): ‘Stoned’ mother whose toddlers died in pool while she slept is arrested for abuse

(Link): Another Sterling Example of How Being A Parent Does Not Make a Person More Godly or Mature – Police officer father accused of physically abusing teen daughter

(Link): Link Round Up: Christian gender double standards on sexual purity, More Craptastic Relationship, Sex, Marriage Advice by Christians for Singles, Lousy and Abusive Mothers, Roman Catholics on Priest Celibacy, Male Fertility – Other Topics

Christian parents who behave like insensitive, hypocritical jerks toward the childless who desire children:

(Link): Hypocrisy in Christian Culture – Those who idolize parenting chide infertiles for trying to have kids

(Link): Married Baptist Preacher with Daughter Charged With Murdering Three People in Pawn Shop – Tell Me Again Why Single Christian Women Should Only Consider Marrying Christian Guys? And How Parenting and Marriage Makes a Person More Godly and Mature?

(Link): Boy’s Parents Murdered by His Grandfather

(Link): Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested for Assaulting his Teen Daughter (He is married and a father)

(Link): Motherhood Turns Women Into Child-Killing, Dead Body Burning Criminals

(Link): Pervy Pilot who is dad to teenaged daughter caught groping 14 year old kid’s butt on flight – Contra Christian Propaganda Being a Parent does NOT make a person more mature or godly

Contains links to news stories about neglect by mothers that caused the death of babies and kids:

(Link): Motherhood Instantly Makes Women Into Saints examples #546,000, #546,001…

(Link): Motherhood Makes Women Selfish and Thieves

(Link): Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Godly or Mature (Mother Suffocates New Born and Shoves It In Toilet)

(Link): Conservative Christians Teach Fairy Tale that Parenting and Marriage Makes People More Godly and Mature – News Story: Parents so strung out on drugs their child dies from eating detergent

(Link): Woman Pleads Guilty to Torturing Mentally Handicapped Son – Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Godly Loving or Responsible

(Link): Parenting Does Not Necessarily Make People More Godly or Mature: News headline: Tennessee couple rented daughters for pornographic videos: police

(Link): Pro Ball Player Convicted for Kid Diddling Three Kids Claims to be an Outstanding Christian (and he’s married with a kid of his own) – again, why should Christian single gals limit themselves to only marrying Christian men? The Whole “Being Yoked Equally” thing is irrelevant and unduly limiting for singles

(Link): Parenting Does Not Necessarily Make People More Godly or Mature: News headline: Tennessee couple rented daughters for pornographic videos: police

(Link): Married Youth Pastor Father of Four Caught Raping and Molesting Several Little Boys claims the molesting kept the boys sexually pure and cures them of homosexuality

(Link): Apparently Marriage and Parenting Turns Adults Into Child Rapists

(Link): Mothers Allow Rock Singer to Rape their Infants – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Godly Mature or Loving

(Link): Parents Defend Their Kids on Bullying a Mentally Challenged Boy – parenting does not make a person more mature, responsible, or godly

(Link): Utah doctor convicted of drugging, drowning wife in bathtub (he is also a father, his kid found the body)

(Link): Fathers and Married Men Caught In Pedo Sting by Authorities – Being Married or A Parent Does Not Make Person More Godly or Mature

(Link): Father Places Ad in Paper to Get Someone to Rape, Beat His Eleven Year Old Daughter – parenting does not make one more godly or mature

(Link): Mom Charged With Prostituting Her Three Teen Daughters – Motherhood does not make women more godly or mature

(Link): Mean Moms Caught Making Fun of ‘Ugly’ Babies in Secret Facebook Group

(Link): Married Father Rapes Teen Babysitter, then kills her so she can’t testify

(Link): Leader of Hyper Family Focused, Fertility Cult (Vision Forum Ministries) Steps Down After Admitting to Having an “Emotional Affair” (He was married with children of his own, admitted later that affair was also sexual in nature)

(Link): Married Stepfather Arrested for Incest with Stepdaughter

(Link): Awesome Story: Applebee’s Restaurant called police on family and threw them out of restaurant because their kids were ‘too active’

(Link): Link Roundup 1 – Abusive Mothers, Christians Shaming Singles For Desiring Marriage, Family Fixation

Mother puts her son’s virginity up for sale:

(Link): Virginity for Sale and Virgin = ‘Nerdy Loser’ Perception and… Glad I Ain’t Married Example

(Link): Senior Pastor Accused of Covering Up Youth Pastor Son’s Sexual Abuse Crime

(Link): Oklahoma Mother Arrested For Molesting Her Three Young Kids – Parenthood Motherhood Does Not Make Women More Mature Godly Giving Loving Responsible

(Link): Military Mom Molests Her Own Son in Video, Photos to Send to Her Perverted Boyfriend – Motherhood Does Not Make Women Better More Godly Or Loving

(Link): Christian Mother Who Loved To Cheerfully Quote Bible Verses Kicked Her Small Son To Death – Motherhood does not make women more godly / mature / loving

(Link): Rapper Arrested For Abusing His Own Son

(Link): Pastor charged in wife’s murder was headed to Europe to marry boyfriend, prosecutor says – Single Xtian Ladies: Kick that Be Equally Yoked Teaching to the Curb! Also: Marriage and Parenthood do not make people more godly or mature or loving or ethical

(Link): Utah Mother Kills Herself and Her Two Kids – I thought motherhood was all bliss and a woman’s greatest calling in life – according to Christians

(Link): Cops Charge Mother for Killing Her Kids in Attempted Exorcism, Jan 2014

(Link): New York Man Stabs His Own Daughters and Wife to Death

(Link): Mothers Who Steal Handicapped Parking Spots from Disabled Woman and Act Rude When Confronted – Motherhood does not make women more loving, nurturing, godly, or mature

(Link): Police in NY say 4 kids, ages 4 to 15, were left home alone for days; parents stayed at hotel – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature or Godly

(Link): Married Father Murders Teen-Aged Baby Sitter – Marriage and Parenting Does Not Make People More Loving, Godly, Mature, or Responsible

(Link): Married Preacher (Davis – he is also the father of a teen aged son) Found Guilty of Exposing Women to HIV

(Link): Mother Tries to Kill Kids By Driving Them Into Ocean

(Link): Father Smothers Infant Son to Death So He Can Keep Playing Video Games – but I thought Christians say parenthood makes someone instantly mature, godly, and responsible? Oops, I guess not (again)

(Link): Married Mother charged after allegedly faking cancer and raising thousands in donations

(Link): Mother Charged with Three Murders (her own kids) – in London, April 2014

(Link): Mother who drunkenly smothered baby gets 15 months

(Link): New father killed his five-week-old son by slamming his face into cot because he felt fatherhood meant ‘his life was over’

(Link): Grandmother Is Having Affair With A Married Man and Neglects Her Grandchildren

(Link): Ohio man convinced foster daughter, 17, to kill wife so they could be together, collect insurance cash – Parenthood and marriage do not make people more mature or godly

(Link): Church Hires Registered Sex Offender as Pastor; Man Now Faces Charges of Alleged Rape, Sodomy of 14-Y-O Boy at Church [this pervert is a married man with a son of his own, AND he worked as a preacher]

(Link): Married Texas Father Kills Several of His Own Family Including His Own Children

(Link): Married Father Who Worked as Police Officer Raped Wife After Drugging Her and Murdered Her and Their Children

(Link): Married Father Hires Prostitute Who Intentionally Gave Him Heroin Overdose that Killed Him

(Link): Mother Suffocated Toddler Son To Death Because She “Didn’t Want Him Anymore” and apparently posted photos of his corpse on her Facebook page – so much for motherhood making women more godly, loving, and ethical!

(Link): A Grandfather and Married Men (some are also Parents) Among 600+ Adult Men Arrested for Pedophilia in UK Major Child Porn Crackdown – parenthood is not a guarantee a person will be more ethical

(Link): Texas Stepmother and Biological Father Starves Son to Death

(Link): Article: Wife who’s aborted two babies – because she’s too selfish to share her husband

(Link): Father Charged with Death of Two Daughters, Home Also Covered in Crap (Literally)

(Link): Father leaves 2-month-old son with 29 bone fractures, near death: prosecutor

(Link): Father Kills Twelve Year Old Daughter, Chops Up Body, Flushes Parts Down Public Toilet

(Link): Drug addict parents leave four-month-old baby brain dead after giving him crystal meth to stop him crying

(Link): Father Beats Two Year Old Daughter to Death For Soiling Diaper – Parenthood does NOT make people more godly or loving, Christians

(Link): Youth Pastor Molests Daughter, Lead Pastor Dedicates Children to Satan

(Link): Married Father, who worked as church youth volunteer, charged with owning child pornography

(Link):  Mother says in interview: ‘I wish I’d aborted the son I’ve spent 47 years caring for’

(Link): Mother Admit She Loves Her Pet Dog More Than She Loves Her Son

(Link):  Southern Baptist Church Music Minister in Kentucky, Age 62, Pays Father of 11 Year Old Girl For Sex Several Times

(Link): Mother Wins Case to Kill Her Disabled Daughter

(Link): Boy, 3, dies after being beaten, ‘systematically tortured’ while hung from feet by his mother and her married boyfriend

(Link): Father charged with sodomizing and abusing his nine-year-old son is found hanged in his jail cell

(Link): A father has become the first person in Britain to be jailed under new laws governing ‘revenge porn’

(Link): Mother Abuses Her 14 Month Old Son, Jams Q-Tips In Ears, Kid May be Deaf in Ear

(Link): Man Who Worked as Preacher Allegedly Drowned His Pregnant Wife To Be With His Mistress

(Link): Father G. Anderson Murders His Eleven Year Old Son With Bat

Link: Man Kills Stepdaughter Films Self Having Sex With Dead Body – but Christians say Parenthood Makes People More Godly and Mature

(Link): Father Has Sex With His Own Children, Forces Them to Have Sex with Dog, His Wife and Ex Wife Participate

(Link): Ex-Church Usher Found Guilty of Hiring Hitman to Kill His Wife So He Can Pursue Kinky Sexual Lifestyle With His Mistress  (the guy in this story is married AND is a parent)

(Link): Mother Tortures and Strangles Her Infant Twins to Death

(Link): Parents Charged With Murder After Newborn Baby Starved To Death In Florida

(Link): Father Accused of Throwing His Five Year Old Daughter Off Bridge

(Link): Married Preacher With Two Kids of His Own Accused of 37 Sex Acts With Two Kids – According to News Story, He Also Sexually Harassed Female Co-Worker

(Link): Newborn baby dies after mother ‘douses it in flammable liquid and sets it on fire’

(Link): Mother Allegedly Tried to Murder Her Children by Crushing Poison Into Their Apple Juice

(Link): Manly Christian Bros ‘Apologize’ for Letting Their Women Get Abortions / Bro Choice Men – Abortion Benefits Men Who Want No – Consequence – To – Men Sex With Women

(Link): Raped, tortured and forced to live in a wardrobe by her Family for FIVE YEARS

(Link): Married Preacher With Two Kids of His Own Accused of 37 Sex Acts With Two Kids – According to News Story, He Also Sexually Harassed Female Co-Worker

(Link): Teen Girl Willingly Loses Her Virginity to Her Biological Father Knowing He Is Her Biological Father ~ They Plan to Marry and Have Kids

(Link):  Woman Sold Her Baby for Sex Multiple Times, Man Took Porn Images of Child

The man in this news story is also a father, has two or three biological children:

(Link): Let’s Hear It For Family Values – Man who had sex with CHIHUAHUA (small pet dog) jailed after wife spots him abusing family pet on security camera

(Link): Twenty Year Old Mother Admits to Boyfriend She’s Been Having Sex With Family Dogs Since She Was 13 Years Old

(Link): Virginity For Sale: Carnation Mother Tried To Sell Her Teen Daughter’s Virtue To Her New Trucker Boyfriend For $400

(Link): Christian Man to Pregnant Girlfriend: Convert to My Religion or Have an Abortion

(Link): California man accused of sexually assaulting and murdering infant daughter

(Link): Mother Kills Her Ten Year Old Son Because His Ears Are Too Big

(Link): Man Charged With Murdering 6-Week-Old Son Without A Body Due To ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Connection

(Link): Mother Had Her Own Daughter Raped to Pay For Her Drugs

(Link): Pro-Life, Yet Anti-Celibacy, Anti-Childless Christian Site Tweets Story about Mother Who Slit New Born Infant Son’s Throat to Save Her Sex Life (Christians equating single or childless / childfree women to women who murder their babies)

(Link): Married Father of Five Preacher Looking for Homosexual Sex on Grindr

(Link): Father And Son Sentenced For Raping The Same Underage Girl

(Link): Jobless Mom Admits Letting Kids Go Hungry to Splash Benefits Cash on ‘Botched’ Boob Job

(Link): Hot Car Death: Drunk Dad Leaves 2-Year-Old Girl In Hot Car For 16 Hours On Father’s Day

(Link): Mass Murderer Houser, Equally Yoked Teaching, Sexism Condoned and Advocated by Some Christians (Houser was married and a father and apparently a Christian)

(Link):  Another Christian Pro-Nuclear Family Marriage Idolator Married Father Caught By Ashley Madison Hack (he’s married with children)

(Link):  Christian Married Father and Christian University Muckity Muck, James Epting, Caught Having Affair

(Link):  Pastor Outed on Ashley Madison Cheating Site Commits Suicide (he was married and had children)

(Link): Married Father Beats His Own 7 Year Old Son To Death, Feeds Dead Body to Pigs 

(Link): Woman Rapes Her Own 1 Year Old Biological Son Sells Video To Pedo

(Link):  Married Church Volunteer Had ‘Secret Sex Den Attic Where He Molested Neighbor’s Two Sons’ (this guy is also a father)

(Link):  Father cat-fished his own daughter, 14, and tricked her into sending him naked photos that he later used for leverage when he started molesting her

(Link):  Schoolgirl Drugged and Raped on Her 10th Birthday Was Chopped Up and Burned in Bathtub ‘by Own Family’  (including the girl’s biological mother)

(Link): Christian Married Father (Promoted by His Christian Employer as being a Family Values Guy) Sexually Assaulted Boys at Christian Camp, Some During Bible Study, Say News Reports – And He Led Sexual Purity Classes for Kids

(Link):  Mother and Daughter Arrested for Alleged Incestuous Marriage, Woman Previously Married Son

(Link): Texas Pastor and Pastor’s Wife Sexually Abused Their Kids

(Link):  Dad Admits Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter After She Suffered Sickening Sexual Abuse So Violent She Bled Into a Diaper

(Link):  Dear Abby: Parents Stole my Child Support Cash

(Link):  Father Raped Gay Daughter ‘To Prove Sex Was Better With Men’

(Link):   Dog Saves Boy (Aged 9) After Kid’s Mother Tries to Drown Him In River – Parenthood Does Not Make People More Mature, Loving, or Moral

(Link):  Woman Sets Two Small Sons on Fire, Locks Them Inside, Goes To Her Mom’s House for Soup<

(Link): Mother Brutally Assaulted Daughter for Reciting Bible Verses Incorrectly: Police

(Link): Children Taken From Maryland Couple After YouTube ‘Prank’ Videos

(Link):  Mom Allegedly Beats Son Who Gave Mother’s Day Card to Grandmother, Not Her

(Link): Twisted Dad Allegedly Killed Son Who Found His ‘Disgusting’ Fetish Photos

(Link): Substitute teacher, 40, who had sex with teen boy student while her husband and children were upstairs is jailed again

(Link): Married Preacher and Father of Four Uses Depression as Excuse or Diversion For Extra-Marital Affair He’s Having

(Link):  Christian Couple Kept Their 13 Children ‘Starving’ and Shackled in Chains Inside House of Horror, Police Say

(Link):  After Threatening Suicide, Pastor Ronnie Gorton (Married to a Woman and a Father) Indicted on 47 Charges of Sexually Assaulting Boys – Ditch the Equally Yoked Teaching, Christian Single Women!

(Link): Father, Son of Texas Baptist Church Both Arrested for Raping Teens, Sexual Assault of Children – So Much for Marriage Making People More Mature and Godly

(Link): Gold State Killer and Serial Rapist Joseph James DeAngelo Is a Father

(Link): Restaurant Banning “Loud” Kids Has Parents Outraged

(Link): Mother Sexually Abused Her Own Infant Son While Breastfeeding Him And Video Taping It

(Link): The Green River Serial Killer and Necrophiliac Was A Christian Married Father

(Link): Couple Put Kids In Car Trunk for 900 Mile Drive So Dogs Could Sit on Back Seat

(Link): British Couple Who Named Their Infant After Hitler Was Arrested For Terror Group Membership

(Link): Baby Died of Malnutrition, Dehydration, and an E. Coli Infection Caused by Being Left In a Maggot-Infested Diaper for Two Weeks

(Link): Abused Baby Boy Is Fitted With Artificial Anus ‘After His Parents Inflicted Horrific Injuries on the Six-Week-Old Child For Sexual Gratification’, German Prosecutors Claim

(Link): Rapist-Killer in 1972 Cold Case Is a Four Time Married Father

(Link): Mother Tortured Her Three Kids and Pulled Their Toe Nails Out to Impress Her New Boyfriend

(Link): Married Texas Southern Baptist Pastor Who Wanted Abortion Seekers Jailed for Getting Abortions Arrested for Sexually Abusing His Underaged Family Member

(Link): Mom Accused of Murdering Toddler Son Because He Was Interfering With Extramarital Affair by Harriet Sokmensuer

(Link): Model ‘Murdered Two Young Daughters Because They Got In The Way of Her Lifestyle Offering Sex to Men For Cash’

(Link): Mom and Dad ‘Fantasized About Raping Their Own Unborn Baby’ by D. White

(Link): Mother of a Two-Day-Old Baby That Was Burned To Death as Part of a Satanic Ritual Has Been Caught by Police (Child’s Father Also Involved in Baby’s Murder)

(Link): (This guy is a parent, article says he has a son) Christian Rock Star Arrested In Connection With Child Sex Assault Probe Before Going on Stage

(Link): Mother Made Toddlers Have Sex With Each Other So Her Pedo Boyfriend Could Watch

(Link): Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels

(Link): Married Couple Raped Their Own Kids During “Swinger” Sessions Where They Allowed Pedophiles To Rape Their Kids Too

(Link): Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

(Link): Boy, Age 2, Dies After Father Stole $150,000 Raised for Treatment and Blew It On Hookers, Liquor, Drugs and Hotels

(Link): Mom Blows $10K on Veneers, Botox While Refusing Kids’ Christmas Gifts

(Link): Married Father, Who Works As Church Worship Director, Solicited Nude Photos from Teen Boy

(Link): Man Stabs Wife (who is a mother) in ‘Brutal Attack’ in Argument Over Attending Church on Mother’s Day by L. Blair

(Link): Calif. Mom Accused of Throwing Secret Alcohol-Filled Parties for Teens and Watching Them Have Sex

(Link): Georgia Man Gets Life for Molesting, Raping Three Generations of Same Family

(Link): Florida Parents Allegedly Attempted to Light Their Own Baby on Fire at New York Truck Stop, Sheriff Says

(Link): Father Shoots Week Old Infant Daughter Four/Five Times Dead Because He Had Wanted A Son, Not A Daughter

(Link): Mother Ties Up Five-Year-Old Girl on Roof to Burn in Scorching 43C (109F) Delhi Heat As ‘Punishment for Not Completing Homework’

(Link): Ex-Paramedic, Who Is A Married Father of Four, Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Injured Women and Child Patients in Ambulance

(Link): Vegan Mom Sentenced to Life in Prison For 18-Month-Old Son’s Starvation Death

(Link): Homosexual Couple Charged with Using Their Adopted Children to Make Child Porn

(Link): Dad Lets Daughter Drown in Dubai So She’s Not ‘Dishonored’ by Male Lifeguards

(Link): Florida Couple Is Arrested After Six Year Old Son Found Unconscious With Head in Motel Toilet Bowl As Their Younger Kids with Burns, Scars, and Black Eyes are Rescued

(Link): Mother Sold Her Six Year Old Daughter to Pervert for Sex In Exchange for Shoes and Cash

(Link): Mother Stabbed Her Two Year Old Daughter to Death Then Ate Her Liver

(Link): Mother Sells Her 3 Year Old Daughter for Petty Cash for Drugs in Exchange for Letting her Perverse Drug Dealer Boyfriend Rape, Murder the Girl 

(Link): Mother Murdered Her Newborn Son by Suffocating Him With Clingwrap, Previously Murdered Daughter with Plastic Bag

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