Senior Pastor Accused of Covering Up Youth Pastor Son’s Sexual Abuse Crime

Senior Pastor Accused of Covering Up Youth Pastor Son’s Sexual Abuse Crime

It’s stories like this that make me realize the “be not yoked” teaching is a lot of nonsense. Christian men are just as apt to be perverted as Non Christians.

Oh: and Fatherhood does not make a man more godly, mature, or loving. Here you have a father, who works as a preacher no less, covering up sex abuse crimes.

I guess, contra to Christian propaganda, that families are not the “backbone of culture,” since we have families raping teen girls and then covering up the rapes.

(Link): Senior Pastor Accused of Covering Up Youth Pastor Son’s Sexual Abuse Crime

    December 5, 2013|2:21 pm

    Boulder police have accused a Colorado senior pastor of covering up information about a youth pastor who allegedly sexually assaulted a female church attendee starting when she was 15.

    Walt Roberson was out of the country when police first announced charges for four members of Vinelife Church’s pastoral and elder teams. Jason Allen Roberson, 35, Vinelife Church’s youth pastor and the son of Walt, was arrested in September on charges that he sexually abused a former church member and emplyoyee who was underage when the abuse began.

    Walt is due on court on Dec. 9 and the church’s executive pastor Robert Phillip “Bob” Young must report later this month, according to The Daily Camera. Church elder Warren Lloyd Williams is set to appear on Jan. 6 while pastors Luke Humbrecht and Edward Bennell have no court dates set yet.

    Police have charged Roberson with “one count of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust; one count of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of unlawful sexual contact,” according to 7NEWS. The Boulder County District Attorney office later “added one count of stalking.”

    According to police reports disclosed by The Daily Camera, the victim’s relationship with Jason began after she expressed an interest in working at Vinelife. The victim and youth pastor allegedly began texting and Jason also invited “her to coffee or lunch and would confide in her about his home life and his depression.”

    The victim said their sexual relationship began in 2007 and claimed that Jason touched her at least 10 times before she turned 18. When she went to college, the victim also asserted that he would spontaneously stop by her dorm room.

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