Pastor (who is also a father) Allegedly Raped Sisters (both under age 10) For 10 Years, Claimed “Devil” Inside Them

Pastor Allegedly Raped Sisters (both under age 10) For 10 Years, Claimed “Devil” Inside Them

With each passing story I come across in the news of self-professing Christian males who get arrested, or caught, having affairs, using porn, visiting prostitutes, or raping kids, I feel more and more fine and validated for my choice to start dating Non Christian men.

Remember examples like this when you hear or read preachers such as Mark Driscoll instruct you to hold out for only a Christian man to marry (see (Links): this, this, and this).

One article says that the girls this man molested for years were daughters of his son’s girlfriend, so this pervert is a FATHER (parenthood does not make a man more godly, ethical, mature, or loving) and was probably married.

(Link): Pastor Allegedly Raped Sisters For 10 Years, Claimed “Devil” Inside Them

    by D.L. Chandler
    December 17, 2013

    A 61-year-old Minnesota pastor accused of raping a pair of young girls for years was charged last week, and now a warrant is out for his arrest. Jacoby Kindred of the One Accord Ministries allegedly told the girls, now teenagers, that the “devil was inside them” and claimed to remove the demons via sexual assault.

    Kindred’s predicament began back in July when the mother of the accusers, both 14 and 16 now, discovered a letter from the younger girl that detailed the acts between she and Kindred.

    In a separate hospital visit, the older girl told a nurse that Kindred assaulted her on several occasions. Kindred, via a phone call with the Pioneer Press paper, denied all charges in a clumsy fashion.

(Link): Maplewood pastor charged in rapes of young girls

    By Emily Gurnon
    POSTED: 12/12/2013 12:01:00 AM CST

    A Maplewood pastor has been charged with raping two young girls for years, beginning when they were about 6.

    The girls’ mother reported alleged abuse by Jacoby Kindred to police in July, when the girls, now 14 and 16, disclosed it, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court.

    Kindred, 61, denied any inappropriate behavior and told police that the girls’ mother must have put them up to it. He made a reference to Minnesota being a “ladies’ state,” and said, “You weren’t there, nobody was there!” the complaint said.

    He was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. As of midday Thursday, there was a warrant out for his arrest.

    Kindred told police he was a pastor with One Accord Ministries. He refers to himself on his Facebook page as “Jacoby Preacherman.” He declined to describe the church for a reporter but told police it does not have a building.

(Link): Maplewood man, 61, is charged with raping two girls for years

(Link): Charges: Self-Proclaimed Pastor Raped 2 Girls For Years

(Link): 61-year-old [preacher] man charged with repeatedly raping girls

    KARE 11 Staff, KARE 12:16 p.m. EST December 12, 2013

    Prosecutors say 61-year-old Jacoby Kindred was a grandfather of sorts to the victims, who he allegedly began molesting when they were six and seven years old.

    ST. PAUL, Minn. – A 61-year-old Maplewood man is charged with first degree criminal sexual assault for allegedly raping two sisters for nearly a decade.

    Prosecutors say the defendant, Jacoby Kindred, was a grandfather of sorts to the victims and allegedly began molesting when they were six and seven years old. Police were alerted to the case when a relative found a note that one of the girls had written describing the abuse at the hands of Kindred.

    The victims, now ages 16 and 14, told investigators that the sexual molestation took place during sleepovers at Kindred’s house, and involved fondling, oral stimulation and penetration. They said the defendant told them that the “devil was inside them” and that the sexual activity would remove the demons. The girls told detectives that the abuse occurred repeatedly for approximately nine years.

    When police questioned Kindred he told them he was a minister for One Accord Ministries, a church without a building. He agreed that as the father of the boyfriend of the children’s mother, they would stay overnight at his home, but he denied the allegations of abuse. He claimed the girls’ mother made up the allegations because her new boyfriend doesn’t like him. Eventually he ended the interview, saying that police had no dna and that “you weren’t there, nobody was there.”

    If found guilty, Jacoby Kindred could face 30 years in prison on each count.

(Link): Police: Minnesota pastor told girls he could ‘take the demons out,’ raped them for years

(Link): Minnesota Pastor, Jacoby Kindred, Accused of Raping Two Girls for Years

(Link): Jacoby Kindred, Minnesota Pastor Charged With Rape Of Girls, Said The ‘Devil Was Inside’ Victims

    A “self-proclaimed” pastor in Minnesota has been charged with the rape of two girls.

    Jacoby Kindred, 61, is accused of sexually abusing the daughters of his son’s girlfriend beginning when they were only six years old. According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Pioneer Press, Kindred, a pastor with One Accord Ministries, told one victim that “the devil was inside her and he could take the demons out of her.”

    … Kindred, who spoke with the Pioneer Press by phone, told the paper that he was out of town for a funeral, and would not disclose his location. Police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

The news story above about the preacher who says he was trying to rape evil demons out of little girls is reminsicent of this:

(Link): Married Youth Pastor Father of Four Caught Raping and Molesting Several Little Boys claims the molesting kept the boys sexually pure and cures them of homosexuality

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3 thoughts on “Pastor (who is also a father) Allegedly Raped Sisters (both under age 10) For 10 Years, Claimed “Devil” Inside Them”

  1. have you made an article on duck dynasty yet? Duck Dynasty’ star urges men to marry girls ‘when they’re about 15 or 16′

    “You’ve got to marry these girls when they’re about 15 or 16,” Robertson said in a 2009 speech. “You need to check with mom and dad about that, of course.”

    The age of consent for sexual activity in Georgia is 16. The minimum age to obtain a marriage certificate is also 16.

    Robertson, who was speaking at a sportsmen gathering in Georgia, also urged men to “make sure that she can cook a meal.”

    He also suggested women in their 20s are only interested in spending a man’s money.


    Oh and I guess 15 and 16 don’t want the money? yeah right, at least 20’s years old can get a job and make their own money,this gives me the creeps

    1. Robertson sounds like a severe biblical gender complementarian (gender comps tend to be very sexist).

      Fifteen and Sixteen year olds in American culture these days are too immature; that’s not nearly old enough for them to marry. The reason some men like such young ages to marry is because young women lack spines, most teen females (and 20 somethings) are naive and gullible, and they let men walk all over them (they are easier to control).

      I did, to a degree, support his right to speak about homosexuality being sinful, though. Yes I posted about it:
      (Link): Nobody Bats An Eye at Condemnation of Hetero Sexual Sin – Observations from Duck Dynasty Controversy

      P.S. I should probably consider making a new, separate post about his newest comments about marrying underage girls.

      1. and not only that, at such young age the body is not really fully developed for reproduction, considering many christian men want kids right away. The girl in question is more prone to lose the baby than someone in her 20’s. Not fully developed mentally either the guy is bound to get more troubles, less maturity, and I don’t know one girls that actually cooks at that age but guys are speaking from the physical point of view (barely legal) young fresh bodies is what he is saying to his male audience, that they should only care for a young wife everything else is optional. That right there leaves many women like you and me single. Crazy conservatives and complementary gender crap from old farts makes me want to leave this country lol

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