Baptist Church Hires What They Knew Was a Convicted Child Rapist to Be Preacher (he is married and a father too) – the pervert then raped boys at the church, church then blamed boys for being raped

Baptist Church Hires What They Knew Was a Convicted Child Rapist to Be Preacher (he is married and a father too) – the pervert then raped boys at the church, church then blamed boys for being raped

Links to the news story about the Baptist church that knew their preacher was raping boys are farther below.

Please, Christians, explain why Christian single women should only marry Christian men, when so many of these stories keep turning up in the news of Christian men who are arrested for raping people, or for other crimes?

The first link also says this perverted child rapist (the Baptist preacher) was married with a kid of his own!

Marriage and parenting, contrary to Christian stereotypes, do NOT make a person more godly, loving, or responsible.

After having just read the second, highly detailed report of just how bad this sexual abuse was, and how the church (including the perverted preacher’s wife) tried to cover up this abuse (and then blamed the rape victims, little boys, for having been raped!!), I am even more disgusted now that some Christians teach the Christian marriage stereotypes (ones that disparages the unmarried, as to suggest one has to be “godly” before God will send them a spouse, so if one remains single, it must be because one is a horrible person).

Oh yes, some married Christians do in fact teach marriage stereotypes that are ‘anti-singles’ in nature (for examples of that, see the personal testimonies by adult Christian singles on this previous thread, of comments they received from married Christians, or from preachers, which suggest that they remain single because
a.) one has to somehow ‘earn’ or ‘merit’ a spouse by God (by being good or whatever), so obviously, they must not be good or godly enough for a spouse,
b) it is suggested to adult singles from married Christians that they must still be single due to punishment from God, over some lack in character, or some flaw, or sin in their life, and that is why they don’t have a spouse.

I am a never-married woman, but I have NEVER raped or harmed a child in any way, and I would never sit back and do nothing if I knew abuse was going on.

It is very galling to me as a decent person (who happens to be unmarried) when I am told by Christian culture that the reason God has withheld a spouse from me must be due to some sin in my life, or God is trying to straighten out my character, or some such rot.

Oh really? I do not rape children, but the idiot married preacher guy in this story RAPES LITTLE BOYS, and the people at his church, according to these reports KNEW about it and did nothing.

Tell me how God can allow a child rapist to marry, but not a decent person such as myself?

How is the “character” of a child rapist Baptist preacher, who exploited his position as a preacher to boot, “more godly,” or superior, or more developed, than mine, that of a never-married woman who never raped kids, never had sex, never abused drugs, did well in school, and who tried to help other people when and where she could? I’ve never been arrested, committed a crime, or fired from a job.

I’m an Average Smoe who’s never committed an especially heinous sin in my life. But some married Christians assume the reason I have never married must be that God is punishing me for some great sin I’ve done or that I must have some huge, glaring personal flaw that God thinks should prohibit me from marrying. But this child rapist Baptist preacher was married and a father (the article says he has an infant daughter).

Christians need to really re-examine their core assumptions about who gets married and why, as well as the tired notion or assumption that “God only rewards spouses to people who have godly, clean lives, to people who are deserving”.

Hat tip “Stuff Fundies Like” site:
(1) (Link): Warren church accused of allowing pastor, principal to rape boy

(2) (Link): Church Blamed the Pastor’s Victim, Boy Says

From Link 1, Warren church accused of allowing pastor, principal to rape boy

    By Jameson Cook

    Officials of a Warren church and religious school should have stopped obvious “grooming” of a teenage boy whom the church’s pastor later raped. A lawsuit also claims the pastor never should have been hired because the church knew about his pedophilic tendencies.

    In a civil action replete with disturbing accusations, the unidentified boy says employees and officials of Antioch Baptist Church and Academy failed mightily to detect and prevent the actions of convicted rapist Christopher Settlemoir.

    “The rape of a minor child occurred dozens of times while the staff turned to the blind eye crime (sic) being perpetrated against a child within their care,” says the lawsuit filed Friday by “John Doe” in Macomb County Circuit Court in Mount Clemens. “(Antioch) had a duty to self-report to Child Protective Services and/or law enforcement that plaintiff… was at risk of and actually was being sexually abused.”

    Settlemoir in 2011 pleaded no contest each to two counts each of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct and accosting a child for immoral purposes for assaults that police said lasted more than a year ending in June 2010. He also was accused of sending explicit text messages to a second boy.

    The 29-year-old former Warren resident, who was married and had an infant daughter, is serving a seven- to 15-year prison term.

    The lawsuit alleges that officials should have been aware of Settlemoir grooming the teen, who was being raised by a single mother whose father “was not an active part of his life.” Settlemoir “vetted, targeted, identified, befriended and then molested” the victim, the lawsuit says.

From Link 2, Church Blamed the Pastor’s Victim, Boy Says


    Mt. CLEMENS, Mich. (CN) – After a pastor at Antioch Baptist Academy repeatedly raped a student, the church called the boy a liar and the “instigator of his own rape,” the boy claims in court.

    John Doe claims he was younger than 14 when he was repeatedly raped and sodomized in 2009-10 by defendant Christopher Settlemoir, a “29-year-old serial pedophile who was posing as a man of God, a church pastor and a parochial school principal of the defendant Antioch Baptist Church dba Antioch Baptist Academy.”

    Doe also sued Settlemoir’s wife, who is or was a teacher at the academy, other employees and the 10 members of the church’s board of directors, who allegedly knew about Settlemoir’s molestations but failed to stop them.

    According to the complaint in Macomb County Court: “Defendant Antioch hired the pedophile Christopher Settlemoir as a teacher, pastor and principal even though defendant Settlemoir, while still in college, began showing signs of sexual perversion by racking up $100 in gay porn charges on the cable at the apartment where he was staying as part of the pastor internship program.

    “Defendant Settlemoir was eventually kicked out of the internship program for not adhering to the rules, which included bringing teen-age boys to his apartment and being along with the boys for ‘Movie Night.'”

    When he finally did report the rapes, Doe says, the church “lashed out” at him:
    “After John Doe and his mother came forward and reported to police that Christopher Settlemoir was molesting and raping him, defendants, through their employees and agents, lashed out at John Doe, disparaging him, his mother and his father, through accusations against John Doe. After being raped by Christopher Settlemoir, John Doe was publicly accused by the defendants’ staff of being a liar and the instigator of his own rape, by the very people who failed to protect him from the pedophile defendant Christopher Settlemoir,” the complaint states.

    Doe claims that Eunice Settlemoir, the pastor’s wife, “attempted to conceal and later recruited other members of the defendant Antioch to destroy a laptop belonging to her husband to prevent police from obtaining evidence of the molestation and rape of John Doe.”

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