Christian Woman Claims That She Received Divine Reassurance that She Would Be Married

Christian Woman Claims That She Received Divine Reassurance that She Would Be Married

WARNING. I hesitate to post material like this (the link and story are farther below), because I do not want Christian single women to be misled.

I remember growing up reading stuff like this, where some woman claims she heard the voice of God, who reassured her that he would send her her spouse, and by golly, sure enough, she got married two years later, or whatever.

Sometimes these stories get very specific, like the woman will say she heard God’s inner voice telling her, “I will send you a spouse, and he will have green hair and be named ‘Tom,'” and yes, she ends up meeting and marrying green-haired Tom.

The vast majority of stories I hear from single women, though, are the opposite.

For every “God spoke to me and assured me he was sending me with a spouse” divine, supernatural intervention story, I’ve heard five or more from single, Christian women, ages 35 and older who say, “I’ve not received a spouse, even after praying for one for many years” (which happens to be my story as well).

It looks to me as though if you want a spouse, you cannot realistically expect to get one by mere prayer or faith alone.

These divine intervention stories of “God told me he was sending me a husband” are rare. I used to see one such story maybe once every year, or every other year, on Christian TV shows or Christian magazines.

I would stumble across one often enough, though, that it would leave me with the impression that I could totally trust God to send me a spouse, because if he did it for the woman in the story, by gosh, he would do it for me… but that has not been my experience.

❗ So please read stories like this with extreme caution – I am afraid most Christian women stay single and get no reassurance from God either way about staying single or getting married.

I believe that Christian publications who run these stories should put a disclaimer in them for singles who desire marriage and tell them “results may vary, what happened to this woman may not happen to you.”

It’s very misleading to imply to a single Christian woman that if she just prays and waits like the woman in the story, that God will send her someone, because that is not true for the majority of women. These kinds of stories can be very discouraging, not uplifting, and they can also damage a woman’s faith, because they are not THE NORM.

I got two or three what seemed to be “divine reassurances” from God (when I was a believer) that yes, I would be married eventually, but I am in my 40s and STILL SINGLE. So, I’d say, do not place too much hope or stock in these types of stories.

❗ ❗ ❗ CAUTTION. Read the following story with caution. God does not send everyone a spouse or divine reassurance about their marital status ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗
❗ (Link): What Prayer Can Do: Not Forgotten – She asked for heavenly assurance and received it not once, not twice, but three times.

    By Ann Mulligan, Dearborn, Michigan

    Winter mornings in Michigan were often cold and bleak, especially now that I was getting up earlier than usual to pray. The quiet time with God helped keep me inspired at my job as an elementary school teacher.

    Some mornings, though, waking up in the dreary darkness, I couldn’t help but wish I had someone to wake up with. I loved my job, but more than anything I hoped to be a wife and mother. So far I hadn’t met the right guy.

    “Lord, you promise that if we delight in you, you’ll give us the desires of our heart,” I said aloud. “I have delighted in you, so…when?”

    The room was silent. Seemingly out of nowhere a Bible passage popped into my mind: “I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49:15-16.

    God? I thought. Could it be that he was speaking directly to me? As I opened my daily scripture book, the lesson for the day caught me by surprise. It was Isaiah 49:15-16–the passage that had popped into my head! It seemed like God really was speaking to me, and yet…

    Lord, I don’t want to be a doubting Thomas, but if you truly are encouraging me with these words, could you say them once more?

    That afternoon I swung by the house of one of the ladies in my prayer group. We were trying something different, each of us choosing someone in the group to pray for anonymously, encouraging her with notes and small gifts. I stealthily dropped a little something in my friend’s mailbox.

    When I got home I found a gift in my own mailbox. My secret prayer buddy had been by! It was a pewter pin shaped like a hand, and in the hand was a little child. The card with it contained a short Bible passage. Isaiah 49:15-16.

    Less than two years later I met the man who would be my husband. Together we’re raising four wonderful children. But the truth is, I found love before I met my husband, when God reached down and–three times–reminded me I was not forgotten.

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