Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Picked by Women (podcast)

Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Picked by Women (podcast)

This show is by a black lady (Deborrah Cooper), talking about black guys who say they are nice and can’t understand why black ladies don’t want to marry them (or date them). This is applicable to white people too.

White women (and women of other groups) also have to put up with whiny guys who claim to be so nice but yet they can’t get dates, and, according to nice guys, women supposedly prefer ‘bad boys’ or ‘jerks’ (most of us women do not, btw).

Another funny thing I have observed is that self proclaimed “nice guys” get very pissed off by posts such as this one.

Months ago, I posted another ‘nice guy’ post, and some self proclaimed ‘nice guy’ left me a very nasty, rude post (it was a very, very long post; I only skimmed the first few sentence of it, then I deleted it).

If a man were actually “nice” he would not leave me a rude, insulting post 😆

They’re like: “Hello, I am nice! I am so nice! I am such a nice guy. I don’t know why women don’t want to date me, I am so very nice. Burn in hell you stupid bitch. Did I mention how nice I am? Because I am, you stupid whore.”
-me sitting there thinking, “Wait, he just told me he’s “nice” but calls me a bitch, and a whore, and tells me to drop dead? That’s not very “nice.” 😆

The host of the podcast below (Deborrah, aka “Ms Heart Beat”) says one problem is that some nice (black) guys are entitled. They feel just because they are not mugging people, are holding a steady job, and haven’t been in prison, that women should have to jump through hoops to be with them.

That dynamic may be true for white guys too, but a lot of white guys are codependent (at least when it comes to dating and romance): they are too afraid of rejection, unwilling to tell a woman that he has feelings for her, so they play the “nice guy” games with women instead.

There is a small amount of profanity in this broadcast.

(Link): Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Picked by Women (Ms. Heart Beat podcast)

    The troop of Nice Guys cry and whine a lot that women don’t want them and choose ‘dogs’ and ‘thugs’ over them. In reality, women don’t choose you guys because you whine and cry and act like a spoiled brat! Women might want you if you let your light shine and stopped complaining all the time.

By the same lady (it’s for black men, but I see some content in here that is applicable to white people as well):


Reality check for single black men – why you are still single

Excerpts (please use the URL above to see the entire list):

You Suffer From Nice Guy Resentment.

You believe you are hiding the anger you feel at past rejection from new women you meet, but you aren’t. Your resentment at the beautiful women that didn’t want anything to do with you from your buck toothed days in high school is there, just under the surface.

Typically, you make nasty little sniping comments about the female gender when you are with your friends. You visit websites popular with other angry rejects and pump each other up with your hatred against the women that “didn’t appreciate a good black man” like you.

Women see your posts on social media sites and recognize you for the under the bridge troll you are. Some women in your immediate geographic area are personally acquainted with women that made the mistake of dating you. They shared with their friends the hateful or threatening emails and texts you sent after you got dumped, so everyone knows what you are really about.

Your resentment at women for not giving you what you want or not choosing you is no secret. All women with good sense avoid you like the plague.

Every Woman You’re Interested in Puts You in the Friend Zone.

Men get placed in the friend zone for two reasons: (1) you were not in the past, are not now and never will stir her with physical desire; or (2) when you met her you tried too hard to be her friend, never letting her know you were interested in more.

…. be clear that the time you wish to spend with her means you two are “going on a date” not “hanging out.” Those four words will instantly let her know what time it is and what your intentions are. You still may not get the girl, but at least she won’t be confused about why you are with her.

This is from the same page (by Deborrah Cooper) and also very true of white men:

Your Primary Concern is Impressing Other Men.
[aka, You are homely or average-looking but only care that the woman you date looks like Angelina Jolie or a Super Model, and you expect to date such women]

You feel you must have a woman that makes your friends envious, a woman that other men stare at with lust when you take her out. You believe you would feel positively defined and at the top of your manhood game if you could have a woman like that on your arm.

You believe that other men would think more highly of you and that your ego will get a boost if you have a woman that is exceptionally attractive. In truth, how a woman looks to other men should never be the determining factor in choosing a mate for you. How your woman looks does not make you a better man.

Look in the mirror! You are still short, still have man boobs and a belly, are still socially awkward, still an eccentric geek, and you still get on women’s nerves. Trying to impress other men instead of women when you claim to be heterosexual is another reason why you’re still single.

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