Woman Stabs Husband with Ceramic Squirrel For Not Buying Beer (another time I’m glad I’ve never married)

Woman Stabs Husband with Ceramic Squirrel For Not Buying Beer

Anytime I feel blue over not being married, I see stories like this and feel relief, pure, sweet relief, that I am single.

I love the one Christian fable that an individual must achieve full maturity and godliness before God will grant a person a spouse.

I’m more mature and non-violent than this bitch who attacked her spouse with a ceramic squirrel. I may have my own set of flaws, but stabbing people with ceramic chotchkies in a fit of rage for not buying beer (or whatever other reason) ain’t one of them. Yet, according to married people Christian logic, God somehow saw fit to send this psycho woman a husband, but not one for me.

(Link): Helen Ann Williams Stabbed Beerless Husband With Ceramic Squirrel: Police

(Link): South Carolina woman stabs husband with ceramic squirrel in beer dispute

By David Ferguson
Saturday, December 28, 2013 13:36 EST
A woman in North Charleston, South Carolina was arrested on Christmas after she stabbed her husband for coming home without any beer. According to Charleston, South Carolina’s News Channel 2, Helen Ann Williams, 44, attacked her 41-year-old common law husband with a ceramic sculpture of a squirrel.

Police arrived at Williams’ home shortly after midnight Wednesday and found a man bleeding from a deep gash that ran from his shoulder to his chest. Initially Williams tried to convince police that the man had fallen and cut himself.

Police then asked Williams why she had blood all over her hands and clothes and she told them it had come from someone else. Finally, she broke down and admitted that she sent her spouse to the store for beer. Finding the store closed, he returned home empty handed.

It was at that point that the woman flew into a rage and attacked him. The man was treated at a local hospital and released. Williams remains incarcerated on $10,000 bond. Police charged her with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

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One thought on “Woman Stabs Husband with Ceramic Squirrel For Not Buying Beer (another time I’m glad I’ve never married)”

  1. Actually I am seeing more women in public verbally attack their boyfriend/husband than ever before. They screamed obscenities and raise their voices violently. The last time I remember seeing such scene was at this parking lot. A woman on her twenties was screaming her guts out to her boyfriend on the phone to leave her alone because she was studying, she went crazy and you could still hear her angry voice streets away from there. I think women lost respect for men because men lost respect for women, it’s a two way street. I would never scream in public to my boyfriend no matter what he did, if there’s a problem there is a place called a room to discuss the issue. Men do like total bitches though, they deserve to be treated by a bad woman if that is what they are after…

    Men today are too intoxicated with the porn culture, he’s looking for a fetish and not a whole person. How do I know? I see guys just going for a fat chick because he’s a chubby chaser who “hopes” she has a pleasant personality as an addition to her already fetishized body (fat, a turn on for some) or the guy who looks for a woman into sadistic practices “just because” and hopes she does not kill him at night.It’s the women who do not fit in any fetish category who are always single. Look around, it’s true.They are not in demand because porn or the newest fad has not dictated it yet. Preferences are different because they include a more varied set of requirement and criteria for example( artist, freedom loving,black hair and awesome)—- preferences. (She needs to be into x action, everything else i don’t care)—-fetish!

    and seeing it more and more to the point where it is ridiculous. At my local park I see lean men in shape with absolute overweight (not plump or curvy) but overweight women and I want to think it’s her personality, I really do but then I remember the fetish of “chubby chasers” and I’m confused as to why if men insist all the time they love women in shape and then they ignore women in shape and go for them, it’s the fetish and a combination of personality, to make them go into these relationships.

    So being a good person or a good christian seems to have nothing to do with attracting a man these days, truly a shame , you don’t even need to be in shape apparently or treat him right….

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