Tubby Lardo Preacher John Hagee has Colbert on His Show AGAIN to Discuss Dieting

Tubby Lardo Preacher John Hagee has Colbert on His Show AGAIN to Discuss Diets, Food, Dieting

I’m not sure if this is a new broadcast or a repeat of one he filmed a few years ago, but San Antonio based TV preacher John Hagee is interviewing a doctor named Colbert asking his advice on eating healthy and dieting on his program today.

Hagee is probably 90, 100, or more pounds overweight. LOLOLOLOLOL. And he’s doing a show about diet, dieting, weight, etc, LOLOLOLOL.

He’s asked the doctor when the most common times of day are for people to get hunger pangs or cravings. Doc said some people eat ice cream right before bed. I’m watching this while noticing that Hagee’s stomach is hanging out a bit above or over his waist area / belt. 😆

The doctor giving the information, Colbert, is thin, but Hagee most certainly is not. 😆

Now they have cut to an in-show commercial hyping some prophecy Bible Hagee is hawking.

Hagee is on wife number two – some sources I read said he had an extra marital affair on his first wife. His mistress is the woman he’s married to now, yet, I’ve heard him rant against divorce from his pulpit a time or two. LOLOLOLOLOL.

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