AARP post: How to Handle a Sexless Married Life – But Christians Promise You Great Hot Regular Married Sex

AARP post: How to Handle a Sexless Married Life – But Christians Promise You Great Hot Regular Married Sex

Hmm, you mean to tell me that once you get married there might not be any sex at all?!?!?!?!!!

But Christians promise you that if you put off sex for marriage that the sex will be great and you’ll get sex frequently, if not at least regularly.

But here you have AARP (American group for people over the age of 60 or 65) writing a column about what to do if you have a “sexless marriage.” 😆

This post reminds me of another topic regarding sex and Christians which I may be posting about tonight or soon, if I don’t forget.

I hope I didn’t post this link before, this AARP one. It looks familiar.

(Link): How to Handle a Sexless Married Life

        Posted on 10/23/2013

by Dr. Pepper Schwartz | Sex & Relationships

  • Q: As a survivor of childhood incest, I’ve been in therapy for close to 20 years.
  • However — possibly because of the anti-depressants I take — my libido is dead and gone.
  • My sexual parts are unresponsive.
  • My doctor has suggested various treatments, including hormones, and my husband never complains; he loves me as I am and doesn’t want me to undergo painful procedures or take hormones.
  • Is there anything you can suggest to help?
  • I feel like my dear husband is missing out on a sex life.

Another letter:


    My wife and I have been married for over 25 years and sometimes go months, even years, without sex. We have gone to counseling, to no avail, and there are no medical issues I’m aware of. (My wife once suggested I “just go out and resolve the problem.”)
  • Her lack of commitment to our marriage, her lack of compassion for my feelings and her flippant attitude tell me the marriage will eventually die, no matter how much I want to save it. Should I get out now, before resentment and hatred replace my current frustration and confusion? It’s sad — I love my wife, and we’ve built a life together.

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