In terms of childlessness, US ranks near the top worldwide

In terms of childlessness, US ranks near the top worldwide

One common problem I see by other conservatives when opining on such articles is they assume ALL women who are childless (or single into their 40s) are childless (or single) BY CHOICE.

There is nothing wrong with staying single and childless by choice, but a lot of women wanted marriage and/or children but never met the right guy, or they were infertile.

But I swear to goodness, if I see one more right winger (I am right wing too) say in comments under such stories “Oh those damn seflish women” or “Oh those feminists, so selfish” I will punch a hole in my computer.

My fellow right wingers cannot fathom that there is huge boatload of right wing women over age 25, 35, 40, who wanted to be married or have a kid, but it just never came to pass for them.

(Link): In terms of childlessness, U.S. ranks near the top worldwide

    by G Livingston

    When it comes to childlessness among women nearing the end of their childbearing years, the U.S. ranks near the top of the list compared with 117 other countries or areas with 100,000 or more inhabitants, according to a recent United Nations report. Among 118 places with comparable data, only six have rates of childlessness higher than the U.S. rate of 19%.

    Singapore tops the list, with a childless rate of 23%, followed by Austria, the U.K., Finland, Bahrain, and Canada. Liberia and Congo report childlessness rates below 2%, although the UN states that childlessness typically doesn’t dip below 3%, so these values should be viewed cautiously.

    Women ages 40-44 in the U.S. have, on average, about 1.9 children in their lifetimes—one of the lowest levels of 171 countries analyzed. Only 19 places report lifetime fertility levels at or below 1.9. In Germany and Ukraine, the average is just 1.6 children, while at the other end of the spectrum, women in Niger bear 7.8 children on average.

    While these measures highlight how low U.S. fertility rates are compared with other places, U.S. women fall squarely in the middle range when it comes to the age at which they first become mothers.


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