Christian Patriarchy Group: God Demands You Marry and Have Babies to Defeat Paganism and Satan. Singles and the Childless Worthless (in this worldview).

Christian Patriarchy Group: God Demands You Marry and Have Babies to Defeat Paganism and Satan. Singles and the Childless Worthless.

Though it is primarily a blog about spiritual abuse, the following blog occasionally covers the very troubling, odd views some self professing Christian groups have about marriage, dating, and having children:
(Link): Spiritual Sounding Board

I usually devote my attention to marriage and child worship by evangelicals, Baptists and one or two other main stream groups, but there are other Christian groups who are actually far, far worse.

These groups include Reconstuctionists, Quiverfull, some homeschooling groups, and Dominionists. Some of these “Christian” groups want the USA to revert back to using Old Testament Laws. They place far more emphasis on having children and being married than even the average Baptist, Reformed, or evangelicals do.

These fringe groups, somewhat like Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, have a lot of weird, unbiblical ideas about inter-gender relations; they seem to frown upon men and women merely spending time alone together, even if it is just in friendship, to chat.

They assume any and all male-female interaction will always end in sex. When the genders are taught this way and are not encouraged to spend time with each other (one on one) it can and does stunt a person’s growth, and leaves them unsure how to approach or deal with the opposite gender… which in turn means, such people lack the courage or skills necessary to date, which also means they cannot marry, or it will be a long, long time before they do..

I realize that some of these groups don’t even permit dating and are into courtship, but the courtship model pushes kids who are not right for each other into marriage far too young. And it too causes them to have all sorts of strange ideas about the genders and how men and women ought to relate.

Here’s one post about it from the Spiritual Sounding Board blog.

(Link): Doug Phillips & Vision Forum: Multi-Generational Faithfulness and Video of Young Boy Explaining the Importance of Having Many Children for 10 Generations

Here are excerpts (please click the link above to visit the page):

    • Over at, one of Vision Forum’s websites, I found an audio series available called: The 200 Year Plan: A Practicum on Multi-Generational Faithfulness. I have discovered a certain lingo that is popping out while reading a lot of Vision Forum material…

The speakers in the audio are Doug Phillips and Geoff Botkin. Here is the introduction to the series:

[— start quote from patriarchy group —]

Our age is defined by warfare against the Christian family, and one of the casualties experienced by many families is the death of multi-generational victory. Psalm 128 teaches that it is the hope of the righteous man to see the generations that come after him persevere in Christ

Only God’s grace can produce such a blessed result, but the Bible teaches that parents can make strategic choices which either impede or bless generational faithfulness.

…. In the battle between pagan culture and the Christian family culture, paganism often wins.

…We believe more is needed. Our message is this: To achieve victory, first you must seek it. In the battle for the family, this means making God-honoring and strategic choices …

[— end quote from patriarchy group —]

If you click the link above and read the entire post, you will see the word “family” (as in nuclear family, NOT the spiritual family of God) mentioned over and over. These people have made an idol out of the traditional family.

That they feel they need to “war” against “pagan” culture – and at that by popping out lots and lots of children to do so – is disturbing, and elevates marriage and parenthood to a role that God Himself does not even ascribe. Such teachings overlook Biblical teachings such as those found in 1 Corinthians 7 which say it is better for a believer to remain unmarried.

Beliefs such as using children in cultural warfare unnecessarily excludes men and women who may never marry and have children, the infertile, the divorced, the widows.

The Bible says individuals are to be saved via the Gospel via Christians sharing Jesus with them; the Bible says nothing about “warring” against “pagan” culture. These partriarchy groups have not only placed marriage and children above God, but they have made an idol out of conservative values, or culture. They need to repent of all this.

The Bible teaches if you place anything above God, even traditional marriage, having babies, “family,” or “family values” or culture or trying to win the so called “culture wars,” then you are guilty of idolatry.

Someone left this comment on the page:

    • by Free At Last

Couldn’t help noticing that this little gem from Doug Wilson (as quoted by himself on his blog) matches up with your post, this video, and the little girl newscaster.

“Mary overcame in the way women are called to conquer — by giving birth to conquerors, or by giving birth to daughters who will give birth to conquerors. And this explains how the Magnificat can have been composed by a woman and still be so gloriously militant. Godly child-bearing is militant. The seed of the woman has crushed the dragon’s head” (God Rest Ye Merry, p. 26).

The ‘Free At Last’ poster chose to interpret that quote to get something positive out of it, to mean that women played a role of sorts in the salvation of mankind, since a woman gave birth to the Savior – which is fine to a point. I do think that patriarchy idiots don’t give women nearly enough credit.

However, what I got out of that quote, and what I actually find disturbing about it, is that this sort of view basically says that a woman’s only calling in life is to marry and crank out children.

Some Christian women are unable to marry, or choose not to, and some are infertile.

It’s so vile for Christian personalities to keep upholding motherhood or marriage as though both, or either, are a woman’s only godly purpose or goal in life.

While Southern Baptists, the Reformed, and evangelicals have idolized marriage and babies for some time now, the patriarchy guys have surpassed them.
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