The New Homophiles: A Closer Look (article) Re: Christian Homosexual Celibates and Christian Homosexual Virgins

The New Homophiles: A Closer Look (article) Re: Christian Homosexual Celibates and Christian Homosexual Virgins

I have mentioned in several prior blog posts that all this Christian hedonism about sex, where Christians, both hetero and homosexual, now frequently support homosexual behavior and who attack hetero- virginity- until- marriage (or attack the possibility of a hetero – or homosexual – remaining a virgin as a lifelong option) are creating more obstacles for Christian homosexuals who wish to remain celibate because they, homosexual Christians, believe homosexual sex is sinful.

I do not agree with the view in the piece below that singleness or celibacy are gifts bestowed upon individuals by God; the Bible does not teach either concept. Rather, both are depicted in the New Testament as personal choices and as self-disciplines.

(Link): The New Homophiles: A Closer Look


    by Austin Ruse

    … Belgau writes, “The fact that some Greek scholars reject this interpretation should come as no surprise; there are scholars who argue that God is not the Creator, or that Christ was not born of a virgin, or that He wasn’t the Son of God, or that He did not rise from the dead.”

    Belgau points to a text in Leviticus, “You shall not koiten [lie with] and arsenos [a man] as with a woman; it is an abomination” and says it is not at all confusing what both Corinthians and Timothy are getting at.

    Among many interesting things about Ron Belgau is that he does this as a celibate gay Christian. He is one of the leading lights of the New Homophiles. Belgau knew two things from a tender age, that he was attracted to other males and that the realization of that attraction was not in God’s plan for him or for anyone like him. And he is a virgin in every way.

    It should be pointed out once more that the language used to describe Belgau and his colleagues—gay, homosexual, same-sex attracted, etc—is fraught with difficulty. There are nuances, definitions, and understandings that can make the head spin.

    Belgau and Chris Damian have both gone on at length about the difficulty of such terms.

    They have spent many years so finely grinding their arguments that a German lens-maker would be jealous. So it should be understood that whatever terms you and I would use, to them, are likely insufficient and even wrong.

    The New Homophiles also want you to know that they do not all agree on everything. There are nuances within this group of friends and none of them claim to speak for the others, only for themselves. Still, they can be recognized as a group, a school of thought.

    Here is the question they grapple with. What is a young man to do who senses in himself an attraction, however that is defined, for other men. His life is further complicated by the fact that he believes in God and in His Church.

    There are many roads he can take. He can reject his religious beliefs and dive headlong into the gay life style. He can try reparative therapy and become heterosexual.

    He can stay Christian but reinterpret scripture so he can have sexual relations with men.

    He can reject his gay identity and work privately with others in living chastity according to the Church.

    Or he can dedicate his life to apostolic celibacy, understanding his sexual orientation as a gift, and try to change church teaching that would not approve of gay sex but allow greater acceptance of men and women attracted to the same sex.

    Much of this kind of debate takes place at the Gay Christian Network (GCN) where many of the New Homophiles first met and started deepening their understanding and honing their arguments.

    … You likely do not know what “Side B” refers to. It is part of the main divide at GCN, between those who hold that God allows for married sexual relations between those of the same sex (Side A) and those who believe God only allows sexual activity between men and women married for life (Side B).

    There is a third group, one that does not seem to be officially recognized at GCN, known as Side X, ex-gays who have rejected any gay identifier and sought forms of therapy to change their orientation. Both Side A and Side B are largely skeptical of conversion therapy.

    …Belgau says he tried for years to put a “spin” on what gays call the “clobber passages” from Levitcus, Corinthians, Timothy and Romans that reject homosexual acts so that he would be allowed to “embrace a gay relationship.” But in the end he found “that my conscience clobbers my pro-gay arguments.”

    Contra the mindless mantra of the marriage equality movement, Belgau does not believe all love is equal, that “love is love.”

    … In 2007, Belgau gave an at times very funny and often very moving keynote speech at the annual GCN national conference (the next one convenes in Chicago later this month). He relates the gut-wrenching story of coming out to his Baptist minister who proceeded to launch into a long tirade about the abomination of “AIDS, the gay lifestyle and anal sex.” Belgau told his Pastor about his intention to be celibate and the Pastor began a new barrage about the evils of celibacy.

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