Arizona Preacher Resigns After Being Caught in Extra Marital Affairs

Arizona Preacher Resigns After Being Caught in Extra Marital Affairs

But… but… I thought Christians said (God knows they IMPLY) if you waited until marriage to have sex, the sex would be totally satisfying and regular, hence, no temptation to sleep around with other people?!

I thought (according to Baptist, Neo Reformed, Fundamentalist and Evangelical views) that it’s the UNMARRIED who are sleeping around all over the place?

I wonder how many “ten steps to have a great marriage” type sermons this man o’ gawd preached during his tenure, while all the lonely heart singles sat there in his congregation having to listen to him drone on about how awesome marriage and married sex is – and again, with singles having to hear this stuff coming from a married (but straying / unfaithful to his wife) preacher?

Some of these news stories have photos of the cheating preacher. He is NOT attractive. As a matter of the fact, IMO, he’s on the ugly side. How does an ugly guy get that much action?

At least the church kicked his ass out of leadership. Most churches would allow him to stay. They sure as hell better not let him back in after months or a couple of years, as most churches are apt to do.

The lemmings who attend this guy’s church are hitting the comment sections on some of these news reports, going on about what a great guy he is, who are the news reporters to sit in judgment of him, and saying they are praying for him.

Er, yeah, and how do you lemmings think the SPOUSES of the cheaters feel?

No concern from the Lemmings for the true victims, or how this damages Christianity in the eyes of Non Christians, just weeping for the stupid preacher (and women) who slept with each other, cheating on their spouses.

(Link): Church pastor resigns; admits to having affairs

(Link): Gilbert megachurch pastor resigns after affair allegations

(Link): Mark Connelly update: Pastor of Gilbert church resigns over affairs

    By: Associated Press

    GILBERT, AZ – A large church in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert says its married lead pastor has resigned after confessing to engaging in extramarital affairs with more than one woman from the congregation.

(Link): Pastor of megachurch in Gilbert resigns amid allegations of affairs

    Posted on January 6, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    GILBERT, Ariz.- Mark Connelly, the former lead pastor of Mission Community Church in Gilbert, has resigned amid allegations of extramarital affairs.

    Church leaders tell 3TV that information was brought to their attention last Sunday, which is when they confronted Connelly.

    “We had received some information last Sunday that we took to our lead pastor, Mark Connelly, and presented it to him, and he ended up confessing,” said interim pastor Gary Sutliff.

    They say that he admitted to the affairs then turned in his resignation when asked.

    Members of the church indicated that the affairs involved women from the congregation, but out of respect for their privacy, they didn’t elaborate.

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