Rapper Arrested For Abusing His Own Son

Rapper Arrested For Abusing His Own Son

(Link): Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested For Battery And False Imprisonment

(Link): Young Jeezy Arrested — Allegedly Made Terroristic Threats Against Son

    Young Jeezy was reportedly arrested and charged with false imprisonment, battery, making terroristic threats against his son, according to TMZ.

    On Jan. 7, the report surfaced that in September 2012, rapper Young Jeezy (real name Jay Jenkins) was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia after getting into a fight with his son, throwing him into a door and threatening to kill him.

(Link): Jeezy Arrested For Alleged Violent Assault On His Son Atlanta rapper reportedly facing charges including making ‘terroristic threats’ against his son.

    By Nadeska Alexis

    Young Jeezy is facing serious charges after an assault on his son, which came to light more than a year after the incident took place back in September 2012.

    The rapper was arrested and released on $45,000 bond last Friday, according to TMZ. He’s charged with battery, false imprisonment and making “terroristic threats” against his son.

    A detailed summary of the incident reportedly reveals that Jeezy (born Jay Jenkins) got in a fight with his son that quickly escalated to violent levels. The victim alleged that he was thrown into a shower door and cut his head on the glass, before being dragged into the bedroom where he was repeatedly assaulted.

    During the assault, Jeezy’s son claims that a bodyguard prevented him from escaping, while his father choked him and threatened, “I will kill you. If I could get away with it, I would kill you.”

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