Study: Couples Without Children Have Happier Marriages / Study: Having Kids Ruins Your Life

Study: Couples Without Children Have Happier Marriages

But… but… Christian and Non Christian parents will insist you can’t or won’t know “true love” unless and until you have children. Life is just so pitiful, meaningless, and empty unless you have kids. (Yeah, suuuure it is.)

I would like to be married, but I don’t particularly give a rat’s ass if I never have children.

I find it odd that an article that points out that CF married are happier none the less states that childless women are unhappier with life over all than are mommies. That would seem to contradict their piece in a way, so I wonder if that was a mistake in reporting.

I for one am not ‘unhappy with my life over all due to being childless.’

(Link): Gay and childless couples are happiest, says new study

(Link): Sorry, Parents: Childless Couples Say They’re Happier Together

(Link): Childless couples are happier with relationships: study

(Link): Childless couples experience happier marriages, study finds

    Open University study finds that when people were asked to rate the quality of their relationship those without children emerged as happier overall


    For centuries, having children has been held up as the ultimate source of fulfilment and meaning in life.

    However, according to one of the biggest studies ever conducted into Britain’s relationships, childless couples have happier marriages.

    It found that couples without children are more satisfied with their relationship and more likely to feel valued by their partner than couples with children.

    The study, by the Open University, involved interviews and surveys with more than 5,000 people of all ages, occupations and sexual orientations.

    When asked to rate the quality of their relationship, those without children emerged as happier overall.

    For both men and women, those who did not have children ranked the quality of their relationship more highly than those who did.

(Link): Study: Couples Without Children Have Happier Marriages

    January 14, 2014 12:37 AM

    ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Childless couples have happier marriages, says a new study.

    Researchers at the Open University in the United Kingdom interviewed and surveyed over 5,000 people and found that men and women without children are more satisfied with their relationships; they are also more likely to feel valued by their partner. The participants included people of all ages, statuses, and sexual orientation.

    “Saying ‘thank you’ and giving compliments emerged as one of the most important factor in keeping a relationship healthy across all groups,” the researchers noted in the study.

(Link): Studies Confirm: Kids Ruin Your Life

(Link): Childless couples ‘happier’

(Link): Study Suggests Childless Couples are Happier Than Parents

(Link): Parents No Happier in Middle-Age Than Those Without Kids

    By Randy Dotinga
    HealthDay Reporter

    MONDAY, Jan. 13, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Those little bundles of joy aren’t always tickets to happiness, as most parents know. But a new study suggests that middle-aged parents in the United States living with younger children are no more satisfied or happy than childless people.

    The study isn’t a definitive take on the well-being of adults with and without children. Still, it does suggest that people tend to make the right personal decisions about parenthood, said study author Angus Deaton, professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University in New Jersey.

(Link): Childless couples ‘are happier’

(Link): Having kids increases your life-satisfaction? Yes, if you wanted them

    By Deborah Netburn
    January 15, 2014, 5:00 a.m.

    If you’re wondering if having kids will ruin your life or make it much happier, a new study has this to offer: “It depends.”

    “We find that in terms of life evaluation, people with kids and people without kids are not very different,” said Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University. “But people with kids have more joys and happiness as well as more negative emotions, like anger, worry and stress.”

(Link): Want a happy relationship? Don’t have kids — study says

    If you’re unhappy in your marriage don’t blame your spouse — blame your kids.

    A new survey has found that couples without kids have more pleasant relationships that those who have procreated.

    The authors of the report by the UK’s Open University say they looked at numerous factors that make happy relationships.

    They didn’t explain why kids make couples less satisfied. But they said the survey of 5,000 came to the conclusion that “childless married and unmarried participants are happier with their relationship and their partner than parents.”

    … They added, “Unmarried parents are slightly happier than married parents.”

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