You’re More Likely To Die During Sex Than the Numbers Suggest (article)

You’re More Likely To Die During Sex Than the Numbers Suggest

(Link): You’re more likely to die during sex than the numbers suggest


…The obvious way to answer is to look through autopsy reports and single out the ones that mentioned heart attacks during sex. One team did that in 1999, and found that out of 21,000 reports there were only 39 cases of sudden death from a heart attack during sex.

…What’s probably happening, in the end, is the lack of any reason to do an autopsy on someone who died at home in bed with their partner. There are probably three times as many deaths from sex with a partner as there are from sex with a prostitute. Overall, The Coital Coronary posits that, every year in America, there are about 11,000 cases of sudden death during sex. Perhaps it is time to take up permanent chastity.

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