Married Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me by K. Ezie

Married Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me

People need to stop assuming that it’s unmarried women who are home wreckers: plenty of married men make overtures towards single women and to married women as well.

I also have blogged examples of MARRIED women who are 25, 30, 40 years old who have sex with 15 year old boys, or who have affairs with married men.

So to all the people out there – and this seems especially true of married women and Christians – who keep perpetuating this mythos that SINGLE women are harlots on the make for married men, who initiate affairs: go screw yourselves.

OPM = Other People’s Marriages

(Link): Married Men, Please Stop Hitting on Me

    by Kelechi Ezie, Actress

    I don’t want to date married men. No one ever asks, so we can just set some ground rules.

    What about my needs? Even if I totally disrespected OPM and had no moral compass, what else would be in it for me?! The days where young actresses had ‘sponsors’ or sugar daddies seem to be a thing of the past, or Boardwalk Empire, which is not real.

    At least then adultery was somewhat mutually beneficial to both parties.

    But this recession-ravaged New York boasts married men with nothing to offer but a wife slowly losing her mind from their antics and three to 18 children eating up whatever money would have been allotted to my groceries, or whatever it is that kept women demand.

    So, to review, no emotional stability or self respect, but also no plane tickets to Paris, strings pulled for a Broadway debut, wild Atlantic salmon… nothing I actually need. Just the promise of free alcohol and strange penis. OK. Pass.

    I’ll never be that bored.

    Single women over the age of 23 have an iPhone full of men we couldn’t get to commit to us, why seek out new, extra super unavailable prospects that are balding and have stopped working out?

    This is just foolish.

    So next time some random person asks to photograph my hair [she was hit on by a married man who asked her about her hairstyle]… well… I’ll probably say yes so people think I’m a celebrity.

    But I still want married men to stop trolling single women like me in an attempt to feel relevant and appreciated again. Your wife just texted me — neither of us appreciate you. Bonsoir.

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