Husband’s celibacy gift disrupts marriage (Satire / Humor)

Husband’s celibacy gift disrupts marriage (Satire/Humor)

(Link): Husband’s celibacy gift disrupts marriage

    JACKSON, Miss. — For years, Arlene Maxwell insisted that her husband Mike take the spiritual gifts class at their church.
  • “I probably badgered him about it,” she says. “He didn’t much care, but I felt we should pursue our gifts as a couple.”
  • Mike finally gave in and at the day-long spiritual gifts assessment course discovered that he has the spiritual gift of celibacy, as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 7:7.
  • “It was awesome to discover that I actually have a gift,” says the father of four, who is very much attracted to his wife but says he now realizes he has the special ability of abstaining. “I can’t believe I stayed in ignorance this long. What a relief to know what my spiritual gift is.”
  • Mike came home that night and announced that he would begin practicing his gift immediately by sleeping in a separate bedroom.
  • “We’ve got plenty of kids,” he says. “It’s time to step into my calling.”

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