I Blog For Me, Myself, And I – Not For You. Not to get your approval.

I Blog For Me, Myself, And I – not for you. Not to get your approval.

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I’ve already made note of this in other blog pages, but here it is again:
I use this blog for me.

I blog predominantly for me, not you.

I’m not interested in pleasing other people. I’m not looking to get a large, regular audience with this blog. If I do, okay. But that is not my goal.

I use this blog to vent publicly. I use it as a journal of sorts.

I’m not here to get other people’s approval.

I am not here to get other people’s input on how they think I should blog or express my views about anything.

This is why I don’t appreciate these condescending morons

    (note: I don’t mind so much the folks who express concern and sympathy for me who are polite. I am talking about the ones who chew me out and who are condescending)

, who stop by this blog and lecture me on how I may “come across” to other people, or,
(and these are some of the sorts of comments I get in the blog posts by visitors that I delete, and they later leave new posts complaining about being deleted, which I only skim the first sentence, then delete, and block them)…
I don’t appreciate these condescending morons …

    who say they think I should change my approach on the blog;

    that they will stop following this blog unless I change quality “X” about the blog or my behavior; e.g.,

    they object to the language I use on the blog lately (ie, cuss words); or,

    they make repeated nutty, crazy, unreasonable, rude demands and threats, such as they will un-follow the blog unless they get my real name (see (Link): this post for more on that); or,

    that they are not happy with my “attitude”

If you go back to the blog archives, for the first year or two I had this blog, I was “Little Miss Sunshine and Sweetness.”

If you don’t like the newer version of me and how I blog in 2013 / 2014, go back and read the blog posts from 2010, 2011.

My 2010 – 2011 posts are very genteel, G-rated, and relatively snark-free.

I’ve noticed since becoming more agnostic – oh hell, even when I was a full blown Christian – that many Christians are uncomfortable with snark, sarcasm, brashness, assertiveness, and people (especially WOMEN) who say it like it is (and I’ve admitted many a time to being a woman on this blog, so you know my gender).

Many Christians seem to be more comfortable with Christians (especially females) who never utter a cross, negative word about anything or anyone, and who are sweetness and light all the time about everything.

I didn’t understand that view, or like it, even when I was a complete Christian.

I’ve always had a biting sense of humor and a negative bent to my nature but had to hide it while a Christian because other Christians frown on it, or act uncomfortable about it.

Most Christians are codependent, by the way – that is why many of you Christians are ill at ease with sarcasm, bluntness, directness, assertiveness, and confrontation.

Some of my views on some topics have changed since I first started blogging with this blog in 2010.

People have a tendency to only read newer posts (from 2013 / 2014), or to react to only the ones that they find most offensive.

Once more, let this fact sink in:
I am not blogging for YOU.

I am primarily blogging FOR ME.

I figure if preachers get wind of some of the blog posts here and change their habits from being marriage-centric as a result of seeing my views, that’s great.

If marriage obsessed preachers don’t see the blog at all, or do and yet remain unchanged, oh well, c’est la vie.

But again, I blog primarily FOR ME.

You are only getting a SLICE of my life, views, and my personality on THIS PARTICULAR blog.

You are not getting a full picture of who I am from this blog alone…

You’re not even getting a full picture of how I feel about singleness on this blog, because it’s not often I blog at times I feel at peace with being single or am fine with life in general.

Or, I may have days where I’m in a happy, upbeat mood overall, but I find a another article on the internet about how churches mistreat singles that ticks me off, and I may blog about that one article.

For the five minutes I compose a blog page about that one article that is biased against adult singles, I am in a crabby mood. After it goes up, I go on my way, happy again.

I just love how these idiots that stop by this blog assume they can figure out my entire life and psyche going by only on what I post here and how I post it.

You don’t know me outside of this blog, remember that.


I am grouchy. Not bitter. Grouchy. There is a difference.

I am not bitter about being single.

Grouchy guy
Grouchy guy

Sometimes I am FINE with being single. I’ve come to terms with being single.

At times when I may not be fine with being single, I feel sad about it, not bitter.

But so what if I were bitter? I can’t figure out why so many jerks, both Christian and Non Christian, try to shame people who admit they feel hurt or feel anger, by tossing the “bitter” label at them.

Some of these people, a small number, who drop by this blog and make posts which I delete (they never see the light of day on my blog to other visitors) presume to lecture me in the tone of, “and that is why you are still single.”

That is, they look at my posts where I criticize Christians for mistreating singles, and they conclude I must emanate “bitter rays” to potential suitors, and so, they gather, most men must be turned off by me, and that is why I am still single.

Actually, no. I was engaged for a good long while and dumped the guy.

I have also intentionally not dated the last several years, because I’m not ready to date again yet, so even if I had ‘Trait X’ (e.g., bitterness) that could turn men off, that would be irrelevant, since I am not currently dating.


I’m not bitter. I am, however, infuriated, offended, and annoyed as hell how most Christians and churches and denominations mistreat Christian singles.

I’m tired of a Christian culture that ignores the teachings of the God they claim to follow. They are hypocrites. They go on about how great marriage is and treat those who are not married like dirt.

I don’t have the patience any more for genteel, ladylike, sugar coated, sweet, G-rated blog posting, as I wrote about two weeks ago:
(Link): The Cloying Annoying Nauseating G-Rated Wholesome Saccharin Sweet Tone of Articles by Christians For Christian Singles – Christian Material For Singles is LAME

I found sugar coated, “sweetness and light” posts and articles by Christians about singleness to be nauseating WHILE I was a full on Christian.

I like that sort of writing even less now that I’m not quite so Christian.

Such writing is not real.

Such sugar coated writing filled with, “Jesus is all you need, the Lord is your husband, be content in your singleness, remember singleness is a gift,” cliches does not convey the real anguish, anger, or heartaches adult, Christian singles feel at times.

I find G-rated, saccharine sweet material for adult, Christian singles actually rather offensive, precisely because it does not truly grapple with issues singles face.

Really nice and sweet Christian editorials about singleness tend to gloss over what it really feels like to be single over 30 when you had hoped to be married by 25, 30, or 35, and how deplorably most churches treat adult singles.

Even during the years I was a full blown Christian, the editorials I related to the most and got the most from were not the polite, professionally written, sugar-coated editorials at “Christianity Today” and such, but, the informal blog pages by anonymous, regular, Christian women who screamed, who were obviously pissed and not afraid to show it,

    “I am sick of being single! Singleness is not a gift! Fuck how the church treats singles!! No, I don’t like being single all the time, screw singleness.”

this is the kind of stuff that resonated with me, even when I was a total Christian.

Not the goody-goody, carefully worded, G-language material in the manner of, “Remember God has a reason for your singleness, be content in your singleness!” type of feel-good swill and pap that is most often printed in Christian books, blogs and TV shows for adults singles on those rare occasions adult singleness is even discussed.

If you disapprove of this blog, how I blog, and are unhappy that I am not Little Miss Sweet and G-Rated,

And you desire to read a Christian, G-rated, Slap- A- Perpetual- Happy- Face- on- Unwanted- Singleness type of blog, I have a link or two for you:

1. (Link): Girls Gone Wise / Girl Talk

    – a barfy, pro- gender complementarian, feel good, upbeat, happy, filled with the usual Christian-ese, over-spiritualization of adult singleness, whose writers assume you will marry by the time you are 30, while telling you your only meaning in life is to marry and pop out babies –
    sort of blog.

2. (Link): Boundless

    – same as link 1 above, but wrongly assumes every adult, Christian single on the planet is under age of 30 and will be married by age 30.

Please stop visiting MY blog and leaving me critical messages saying I’m not happy enough, positive, or G-rated enough for you, and instead go visit and post on “Girls Gone Wise” or “Boundless.”

Those blogs would be more your speed and to your liking.

That Girls Gone Wise / Girl Talk blog is so aw-shucks ma’am wholesome in its aw-shucks goody-goodiness, it is even illustrated with wholesome photos of two all-American 21 year old women grasping their hot cups of cocoa on a chilly autumn day (Link): View Wholesome Christian Single Women with Tea or Cocoa Photo on Girls Gone Wise / Girl Talk

My blog here, Christian Pundit Blog, is more apt to be illustrated with photos of
(Link): Spongebob photo,
(Link): Sweet Brown
(Link): Grumpy Cat,
(Link): Forever Alone Guy or
(Link): Shirtless Hugh Jackman photos.
These Word Press blogs are FREE. You can make your own. Did you know that? Yes, it’s true.

If you don’t like how I discuss singleness, marriage, dating, or whatever, then make your OWN blog and write how you feel it should be written about.

If you don’t like this blog, my attitude, or how I write and express my views, or that I don’t write under my real name (or whatever other weirdo picadillo, pet peeve, or fetish you possess), then kindly FUCK OFF.

If you don’t like this blog, me, my attitude, my views, how I express myself:
Stop visiting. Stop reading the blog. Stop leaving me posts dictating how you think I should be writing on my own blog or what personal information you think I should be divulging about myself.

You’re an adult. Nobody, is, I assume FORCING you to read this blog. So why are you still here?


This is not a “give and take” blog where I am looking to build up an audience and engage and dialog with people who disagree with me.

I’m here for one-way venting.

I don’t care to get diverse opinions here on this blog.

I get diverse views on other sites and forums I hang out on, where other people yell at me about other topics, or some of the same topics as I post about here, regularly.

I already post on blogs and forums where Non-Christians and Christians tell me that my views on politics, sex, dating, celibacy, homosexuality, and other topics are a bunch of crap.

Trust me, I’m not NOT hearing that stuff. I may not be hearing it FROM YOU personally on my blog here, but I get criticism from other people on other sites.

Sometimes I seek out views that differ from my own (even on the topics of sex, dating, and marriage), reproduce and link to them on this blog, and dissect and criticize the hell out of them.

So don’t fret or worry that I am not being exposed to arguments that are against my beliefs and opinions, because I am, quite regularly.

I’m happy to chat with like-minded people here, though.

If you are a Christian single (or an ex Christian) who is offended at how shabbily the church treats adult singles, and how they are hypocritical on sexual purity and similar issues, we’d probably get along okay.

But these people who drop by, and, in spite of my huge warning at the top of the blog’s home page that says, “I don’t debate or entertain dissenting views,” and go ahead and leave their rude and/or condescending posts, no, they’re not welcome.

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