TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?

TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?

If only the Crouch family would remove all the heretical Word of Faith, Prosperity teachers from their network.

I’m not hostile towards biblical prophecy, but after reading it, watching about it, for over 25 years, it gets real old.

(Link): TBN Programming Changes: Prophecy Teachers Out?


    Following the death of televangelist Paul Crouch Sr, his wife Jan become president of Trinity Broadcasting Network and has begun to change the programming of the world’s largest religious TV network.

[Christian Post listed notices from two different Christian ministries that TBN cut them from their line up]

Jackie Alnor, author of the book The Fleecing of Christianity and critic of the prosperity gospel, reported in 2009:

    Paul Sr. has had a divided family on this issue of Dispensationalism as his wife Jan bought into the Kingdom-Now heresy of the late Earl Paulk decades ago and even won her husband over to it, at least for a short time.

Jackie observed Matt interview Paul Sr. about dispensationalism in a mocking manner. During a Praise the Lord broadcast Matt suggest that dispensationalism could be wrong: “We were looking at everything through a Dispensational mind and maybe that was a mistake.”


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