23 Responses to 23 Awful Statements Made to Childfree People by TAURIQ MOOSA

23 Responses to 23 Awful Statements Made to Childfree People

(Link): 23 Responses to 23 Awful Statements Made to Childfree People

Excerpts (if you want to see the editorial in full, use the link above)

    by TAURIQ MOOSA JANUARY 20, 2014

    There appears to be a bizarre stigma around people – especially women – who voluntarily decide not to procreate.

    I asked my Twitter followers what kinds of reactions they received and got some expected answers.

    The Huffington Post did (Link): the same ((Link): twice) and obviously had a much bigger pool.

    I want to examine these responses, curated by the HuffPo, and offer responses to these harsh claims that reinforce an unnecessary stigma.

    (Though the HuffPo article are directed at women, specifically, I hope you don’t view this as me speaking for or on behalf of women. This is to do with all childfree people, in general, though women appear to receive the harshest due to being nothing but baby-factories, in many people’s eyes.)

    Here are my responses.

    .. 2. “Now that I have children, my life has true meaning!”

    So before you had kids, it had no meaning? I’m sad to hear that. But that surely can’t be true. Similarly, your life isn’t my life: We all find meaning in different ways. Mine, for example, is partially about critiquing terrible arguments or sentiments.

    Also, you might as well declare your love of chocolate, for all the worth this sentiment has on childfree people. This is an autiobiographical exclamation.

    4. “You think you’re tired? You don’t know what tired is.”

    Very glad to know you have a magic meter than can measure “tiredness”. Also, I’m glad this is a competition.

    5. “You’re being selfish.”

    Huh? For deciding what to do with my body parts and my life? For not caring about non-existent children? What?

    (For women, I believe this about “denying” your partner, I think, the right to access your uterus whenever s/he wants. Or you are selfishly keeping a magical baby away from someone? I don’t know. It’s (Link): a popular but never explained response.)

    9. “You’re missing out on one of the best things in life.”

    According to whom? Shall I show you the endless studies indicating (Link): unhappiness in becoming a parent? Shall I indicate the number of parents who are honest about (Link): regretting being parents? How about all those who can’t afford a child and thus end up regretting the child and make his/her life worse?

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