Please Don’t Use This Blog To Sell Merchandise or Services

I just updated this blog’s rules page with this information:

(Jan 30, 2014 update)

Please do not use my blog to sell merchandise or services.

I’ve had more and more people lately drop by, leaving really long comments about singleness and other issues this blog covers, but they end their remark by saying,

“And oh, hey, I sell gold watches! Check out my gold watches at SuperGreatWatches .com!!,” or, “My marriage was on the rocks until I got marital counseling from!”

One lady who did this seemed genuinely nice, so I let her post be published, and I allowed the link to her online store in her post to stay up, but I don’t appreciate people using my blog to sell widgets.
(Link): Visit the Blog’s “About” Page,

(Link): This Blog’s policy on dissent page