Weird Mormon Anti Masturbation Video – It’s War

Weird Mormon Anti Masturbation Video

I first read about this at the Jezebel site about a week or two weeks ago. News of it then made it to the Facebook group Stuff Christian Culture Likes about two days ago.

Some people are mistaking the video for being by evangelical Christians, but one of the earliest reports I saw said it is by Mormons.

It was shown to Mormons at some university, to kids maybe in their teen years or early twenties.

I can’t blame people for mistaking it for an evangelical or fundamentalist Christian production, since many Christians have weird, unbiblical views about sex (and specifically masturbation), and tend to make odd videos (or books and blogs) about stuff such as this. (Which is why I have tagged this under “Christian” and “Christianity” on my blog.)

At this point, I have not watched the video myself. I have read summaries about it from others.

The video starts out with a kid viewing porn on the computer (or about to), to fap off (masturbate).

He is magically transported into World War 2 (or 1?) where he is a wounded soldier and helped by another solider. This scene later morphs into him being delivered to a clergy person to discuss his masturbation.

Some have joked that they have found homo-erotic undertones to the whole thing.

The original video was removed at one point (or set to private), but one or two atheists or liberals had saved copies and uploaded the copies to their You Tube accounts.

(Link): Mormon anti-masturbation message compares self-pleasuring to wounded warriors (VIDEO)

(Link): Mormon anti-masturbation video: Jerking off is pretty much like being gunned down in war

(Link): This Mormon Video on Masturbation is So Homoerotic (has screen captures taken from video)

This if from a rabid left-wing site (they obviously do not like right wingers; I am right wing myself, or at least, not in agreement with liberals on most topics):

(Link): Bizarre Christian [note the video is MORMON, not Christian] Anti-Fapping Video Compares Self-Pleasurers to Wounded Soldiers, Codenamed: Wounded on the Battlefield (Video)
“Fapping” or “Fap” = slang meaning masturbation.

Excerpts from that page:

    • Yes, it’s that time again! Yet another deluded religious group has decided to tackle a moral issue plaguing our nation: a lot of people are *GASP* pleasuring themselves.

The video, which refers to the “temptation” of self-pleasure as “The Great War,” begins with a man innocently browsing through “online por-no-graph-ia” and apparently enjoying himself with the door wide open (because people do that).

As the video explains, all of this “confused” man’s roommates know about his habit (probably because he leaves the door wide open) but do nothing to “help” him. His addiction has led him to cease going to church, and there is “darkness” in his eyes.

Somehow, his immersion into the seedy world of self-pleasure transports him to a battlefield, where he lies (spiritually) wounded, alone, and desperate for somebody to help him.

Most pass by him, most ignore his plight — but one brave soldier dashes over to rescue him.

”How does he rescue him,” you ask? Why, he spreads the fact that he touches himself all over God’s creation and turns him into the church, that’s how! Only by performing this heroic action can you be sure to shame your friends into not self-pleasuring anymore.

(Link): Christian [Note again: it’s a MORMON video, not Christian] Anti-Masturbation Video Encourages You to Lend a Hand

I am in the process of watching the video as I type this part of the post.

The video actually contains the phrase “Wounded on the great battlefield of war.” I do think they’re overstating their case.

More of the video has progressed. There is some really maudlin, overly dramatic music going on towards the end, as if to say how terribly tragic masturbation is. Oh please. LOL. 😆

If the embedded video below is removed, the video is hosted on various accounts, including:

(Link): Masturbation = Dead Soldiers (Real Christian Anti-Masturbation) [Note: It’s MORMON, not Christian – video has commentary by guy who screams, yells, and uses lots of vulgarity. He says he is a “ninja of masturbation”]

(Link): Wounded on the Battlefield BYU Idaho Short Film Anti Masturbation

(Link – video also embedded below): Hilarious Anti-Masturbation Campaign Waged By BYU

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