Registered nurse, 65, accused of attempted murder ‘for injecting FECES into husband’s IV after his heart surgery’ -married people not more godly loving or mature than unmarried people

Registered nurse, 65, accused of attempted murder ‘for injecting FECES into husband’s IV after his heart surgery’ -married people not more godly loving or mature than unmarried people

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Edit, Feb 6, 2014. ~ Explanation ~

    (For newcomers of this blog:

    I periodically blog about news stories where married people and/or parents do bad things, including Christian couples / parents.

    Why? Because in many sermons, books, blogs, and in Christian culture itself, are these stereotypes and attitudes that single and childless Christians are not as godly, mature, ethical or sexually pure as married people or parents.

    Many churches even today actually teach that a Christian woman’s only or highest calling in life is to be a wife and mother, which the Bible does not teach, and which makes women who do not want to marry or do not want to have kids – or who cannot do either thing (ie, in cases of infertility, etc) – feel alienated or left out.

    If you are married and/or a parent yourself, you probably do not pick up on these hurtful and insulting stereotypes, but we never married / divorced / and childless or child-free adults sure do. We bump into them on occasion.

    I do not think that all Christian (or Non Christian) married people or parents are horrible or abusive.

    I only cite such examples of ones who are to prove that marriage / parenting do not, contrary to the usual Southern Baptist, Neo Reformed, fundamentalist, and evangelical propaganda, necessarily make a person more holy, better, godly, loving, or mature.)

(Link): Chandler woman accused of trying to kill husband with injection of fecal matter

(Link): Rosemary Vogel ‘attempted to murder husband with poo’

(Link): Woman tries to ‘poison husband’ with feces IV drip

(Link): Registered nurse, 65, accused of attempted murder ‘for injecting FECES into husband’s IV after his heart surgery’

    Rosemary Vogel charged with first-degree attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill her 66-year-old husband

    Nurses at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Arizona caught Vogel manipulating IV line and then trying to dispose of its contents

    Medical tests of ‘brown substance’ found in IV line and on syringe needle confirmed it was fecal matter
    An Arizona woman has been charged with attempted murder after police say she injected fecal matter into her hospitalized husband’s IV line.

    Rosemary Vogel, of Sun Lakes, was arrested Thursday after a nurse caught the 65-year-old handling her husband’s IV line, which was found to contain a brown substance, police said.

    A hospital lab test identified the matter in the IV line as feces, and a trace amount of the same brown substance also was found in the needle of an otherwise empty syringe found in Vogel’s purse, according to police.

    When it was searched in the hospital, Vogel’s pocketbook contained a total of three syringes, including two with a clear liquid, police said.

    Records showed that Mrs Vogel is a registered nurse who formerly worked at the hospital, Chandler Regional Medical Center.

    Investigators plan to conduct forensic tests on all the materials involved over the next week or two, police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

    However, the hospital had to test the brown substance in the IV line immediately for treatment purposes.

    ‘The lab came back with fecal matter,’ he said.

    The incident occurred after the 66-year-old man had undergone a heart procedure. He’s expected to survive that, as well as the alleged attempt on his life.

    According to a police report, Mrs Vogel was sitting with her husband in a Chandler Regional Medical Center recovery room at around 1.30pm Thursday following a procedure on his heart.

    A pair of nurses walked into the room and noticed the wife in the act of handling her husband’s IV line, which caused an alarm to go off.

    Herself a registered nurse, Rosemary Vogel told her former colleagues that the IV line needed to be flushed.

    That is when another hospital staffer discovered a brown substance in the medical equipment and removed the line from the patient’s arm, noting that the IV smelled like feces, the station WFSB reported.

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