Strange Show Called “Sex Sent Me To the E.R.” – episode about 440 Pound Virgin

Strange Show Called “Sex Sent Me To the E.R.” – episode about 440 Pound Virgin

I was looking at the TV Guide trying to find something to watch, and I saw this show listed (I’ve never seen it before):

Sex Sent Me to the E.R.

    More about the showSeason 1 Episode 1
    A 440-pound virgin sends his girlfriend through a wall; a bandleader collapses in the middle of a peak performance; a broken penis.

It’s on the TLC channel.

I’m watching the show now. The doctor is interviewing the guy with a broken penis.

Now the show has moved on from Broken Penis Guy to Fat Guy.

It appears to be kinda a reality show and kinda not.

At least one guy they’re interviewing is thin now, but he’s talking about when he was a 440 pound virgin. They then show a flashback of a 440 guy. So I’m assuming that some re-enactment is going on here.

Okay, they are now back to discussing Broken Penis Guy and are on a commercial break. I don’t plan on watching anymore of this show. You can watch clips of it here, if you want:

(Link): Sex Sent Me To the E.R.

(Link): The 440 Pound Virgin Guy
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