Mormon Dude Explains Wacko Mormon Anti Masturbation Video

Mormon Dude Explains Wacko Mormon Anti Masturbation Video

(Link): Weird Mormon Anti Masturbation Video – It’s War

Now ((Link): Le Source):

    Clark [Mormon guy] later explained to TIME that the church advises young people that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost and “masturbation is a behavior that, if continued, could over time lead to things that are sinful.”

    “That comes right out of Corinthians, that is what Paul taught, and it is a beautiful doctrine—that our bodies are a great gift from God and we need to take good care of them, and that the procreative powers that God has given us, He cares very much about how they are used, and so that we need to learn to use them in ways that are in accordance with His will and His mind,” he said.

It “could” lead to more sinful things, could? What if it doesn’t lead to anything else? I know the Mormons don’t go by the Bible alone but the Bible does not condemn masturbation.

For the Christians out there: I once saw a Christian lady argue against masturbation on her Christian blog because “she couldn’t imagine Jesus doing that, so Christians shouldn’t masturbate.”

I certainly hope you don’t sit around imagining Jesus doing that, but the Bible also does not mention Jesus throwing up, spitting, defecating, blinking, breathing oxygen, or urinating, but I’m pretty sure he did one or more of those things in his incarnation.

Am I not supposed to urinate because the Bible did not mention Jesus doing it, and that I might find it embarrassing to think that Jesus went wee wee on occasion?
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