Religious Dating Sites: More than Half of Users Surveyed Are OK with Premarital Sex

Religious Dating Sites: More than Half of Users Surveyed Are OK with Premarital Sex

This seems very familiar. I may have blogged on this before.

I did blog about this:

One of the things I find hypocritical about this (see link below) is that it’s being reported on “Relevant” magazine, a Christian publication who at times runs those stories about how Christians need to stop idolizing virginity (which they don’t do to start with; many Christians today attack virginity, they don’t uphold it as a standard anymore)… the folks at Relevant magazine think Christians should treat fornicators like delicate flowers.

(Link): Religious Dating Sites: More than Half of Users Surveyed Are OK with Premarital Sex


    According to a new survey by two religiously-themed dating sites, Christian Mingle and JDate (an online community for Jewish singles), attitudes toward sex, marriage and abstinence are continuing to shift.

    Their “2014 State of Dating in America” report [PDF] shows that 87 percent of those surveyed would have sex before marriage, and, likewise, 87 percent said they don’t think it is inappropriate to move in with a significant other before marriage.

    By comparison, in last year’s survey, just 85 percent of users thought premarital sex was OK.The survey echoes the findings in a piece we published back in Feb. 2012, that found that Christian singles are increasingly approving of sex before marriage.

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